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Organized Post Move Checklist in Queens, NY; Dealing with Dog Anxiety & Moving Away from Your Best Friends, Unpacking Tips & More!

Moving to a new place can give you a sense or disorientation and a feeling like you don’t belong. Time will help you overcome the initial shock, but post move periods can be really hard in the beginning. There are some things that need to be done after you move.

Post Move Period Checklist

This post move period doesn’t need to be hard at all. Follow this 10-point checklist after you have moved into a new house. If you organize your time, it won’t be so stressful and confusing.
1. Organize your post move quickly. In fact, organize it as soon as you step into the door of your new home. There are a lot of things when you first move, so don’t get too comfortable. Organize your post relocation time wisely. Create a new to-do list that will list all the things that need to be done.
2. Moving house unpacking tips. Unpacking the mountain of boxes is more fun than packing because you get to take your time. Set a deadline so it doesn’t take too long though. Unpack the essentials first, then move to the bedrooms and bathrooms and so on.
3. Learn about your new home. Learn the secrets of your new home as it is completely unfamiliar to you. Look for pre-existing damage or signs of a possible infestation. Locate the fuse box and the main water valve in case of an emergency.
4. Change of address post office form. Change your postal address to prevent mail being sent to your old address. To ensure you don’t miss any of your mail, make sure this is done sooner than later. Give the new occupants of your old place your new address so they can forward any of your mail.
5. Register child for school. Register your child at a new school to make sure your children are set up to start school to continue their education. Ask friends or neighbors about schools in the area and don’t forget to bring required documents when you’re ready to register.
6. Find healthcare providers. Find suitable health care providers by finding a new family physician for your family and a new veterinarian for your pets, if applicable. As with the schools you should as friends and neighbor for recommendations.
7. Register cars in new state. You should register your cars in the state you have moved to and you may also need to get a new driver’s license as well. Both of these things are fairly straightforward, with a visit to the local DMV.
8. Dog anxiety moving to new home. Help your pets acclimate as they may be feeling anxious as well. Take care of their needs and give them some extra attention.
9. Moving Away from Your Best Friends. Moving to a new home is difficult. Some members of the family may be feeling separation anxiety. You left behind good friends and you may be feeling sad, or even depressed. Introduce yourself to the new neighbors and be open to trying new things as they are opportunities to meet new people. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your old friends too.
10. Moving to a new city. Get to know your new city as this will make you feel more comfortable living and working there. Get familiar with your neighborhood and the city itself. Try and make an effort to understand better how the locals enjoy life in your new city.

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Moving can be a stressful time for many people. Let the professionals at RC Van Services take a lot of the stress away and give us a call them today!

Moving into a House or Apartment for the First Time Move In Checklist in Flushing, NY

Moving into your very first home is a big milestone moment that deserves some celebration, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. The most important step to take when making the big move is to hire RC Van Services to assist you in the move. Moving a long distance take a great deal of time. Moving a short distance takes nearly as much effort and preparation. RC Van Services will take the stress of moving local or long distance off of your shoulders and make your big move go as smoothly as possible. Don’t put the task of moving all on yourself, driving a giant moving van across the county let alone a few blocks is no fun and you can experience many road blocks along the way. RC Van Services is skilled and experienced when it comes to moving and getting you happily to your new location.

Cleaning A New House Before Moving In

Another step to take that will be essential to a successful and comfortable move it having your new home cleaned before you move in. Who knows if the people before you had pets, were smokers or left the house in not so great shape. When you have your new home cleaned before you move in, you have the peace of mind knowing that every room is spotless, every bathroom is scrubbed clean and your kitchen is ready to be used. Carpets will be clean, floors will shine and your new home will be blemish free. Moving in will be a lot easier and look a lot better when you have your home cleaned before you start unloading boxes and arranging your furniture.

Getting Locks Changed on Your New Home Before Moving In

One of the most common mistakes that new homeowners make is not having the locks changed in their new home. There is no way of ever knowing just how many copies of the master key were made by the previous owners. They may have family members and friends that still have a copy of a key that goes to your new home. Take the time to contact your local locksmith and have the locks changed all around your home. It is even a smart idea to change the garage door opener/receiver. You want your new home to be as safe as possible, so put changing your locks at the very top of your to do list.

Before Your Move In; Become Familiar With Your New Home’s Utilities

It is a great idea to become familiar with the location of your new home’s utility switches, lines and locations. Locate your new home’s fuse box and make sure every fuse is in good working condition. You will also want to locate your main water valve and gas shut off areas as well. Inspect your air conditioning unit and clear out any debris that may be cluttered around it. While you’re at it, take the time to replace existing air vents with new ones as well. Taking the time to inspect these areas will pay off and help you become more familiar with your new home.

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If you are getting ready to move, but do not want to deal with the stress that comes along with it, contact RC Van Services today for a smooth and easy move!

How to Prepare for a Seamless Out of State Commercial Office Move in Manhattan, NYC; Schedule Moving Date & Hire Professional Movers & Packers

There are several reasons to move your business to a new office space. Some of those reasons might be a lease that has expired, your business has grown and requires more space, or you may be in an office that has too much square footage and feel you could get by with less. Whatever the reason may be, moving to a new office space can seem overwhelming and downright daunting at times. RC Van Services is here with some items for your checklist when preparing for an office move.

Decide on a Moving Date

The first thing that needs to be done is get a moving date figured out. Get out the calendar and pin down a time that works best for you and your employees. Then you can start making more arrangements around this date.

Notify Employees to Moving Date

Once you have a date picked out, you can let your employees know. This is a good time to create a moving team if it’s needed. By letting employees know as soon as possible, you will have a better chance of getting the help you need. Employees may need to make arrangements to help on the moving day if it isn’t a day they are usually scheduled work. This will help create a seamless transition.

Hire Professional Movers and Packers

This needs to be done early in the moving process to ensure you get a reliable and trustworthy company. By taking care of this early on, you will have the chance to do some research and find the company that best suits your needs. If it is in your budget, hiring professional packers can drastically simplify a move. Hiring professional packers can make a move more time efficient and could end up saving you money by allowing your office to be set up quicker. You want things up and running as soon as possible.

Furniture Rearrangement for Your New Office Space

Depending on your new space, you may need to purchase furniture. If your new office space is smaller, you will need to do some downsizing. This all takes time. The sooner you can get to the new space and make plans, the better. Making a detailed plan and layout of your new office will help your employees know what is expected and they can better help in the process.

Keep Staff Happy, Motivated & in the Loop

Keep your employees in the loop as much as possible. They will be able to help you inform clients and customers about the location and timeline of your move. Having your checklists up in break rooms and other common spaces is a good way to keep the lines of communication open. This will help your staff feel involved, and help you take advantage of their help and cooperation.

Local & Long Distance, Residential & Commercial Packing & Moving Services in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

RC Van Services understands the complexity of moving to a new office space. We can assist you all along the way to help your move be as seamless as possible. Let us assist you in moving to your new office quickly and with great care. Call us today!

Long & Short Term Storage Solutions in Bronx, NY; Keeping Your Valuables Safe During the Moving Process

One out of every 10 households in the United States now uses self-storage space. There are approximately 50,000 self-storage units throughout the country and these account for 2 billion square feet of storage space! Before you commit to a storage lease there are certain factors to look at.

What to Look for when Choosing a Storage Unit Facility

Try and choose a facility that has video surveillance and user-only entry systems to reduce the chance of crime. Be sure to check accessibility hours. Don’t choose one that doesn’t have operating hours to match the times you will need access. Most storage sites (but not all) give you 24 hour access. Units closer to the manager’s office or near the entrance are well-lit areas, making them more secure due to their proximity to areas frequented more often by people. It is also important that the actual location of the facility is in a secure area as well. Look to see if it has a fence, good lighting and ask yourself if you would be comfortable going there on your own. Some facilities offer individual units that have their own separate alarms that may be activated if needed.

Inventory & Keep Valuables Safe

The way you gain access to the facility can differ from one to the next. Some require access codes and other sites use electronic security gates to make sure only the tenants have access to the storage property. Keep an inventory of all the contents in the storage unit. Include serial numbers when you can. If there happens to be a theft this information may be useful. Use a disc-style lock as these locks are more difficult to bypass than other locks. Many facilities even require you to use a disc-style lock and will sell you one, if needed. Make sure you take photos of the contents as well. If theft does occur, having these photos along with serial numbers can be the difference between you getting your belongings back or not. Having photos also comes in handy with insurance claims.

Some Reasons to Get a Storage Unit

College student can benefit from having extra storage. When travelling home during summer breaks they can leave their things in storage. Dorm rooms can become crowded quickly and a storage unit can be shared with your roommates to give you more space. You can also utilize a storage unit to de-clutter your home. Make note of those items that you’re not using often and store them. Cars, RVs, and boats can be stored at a facility keeping your driveway or garage free. Seasons change and holiday decorations can take up a lot of space and are only used once a year. Clothing for the seasons can be labeled and stored too. When moving to a new home, having a storage unit allows you to begin the process sooner and will make moving day less stressful. It will also allow you to move into the new place at your leisure. If you’re downsizing, you’ll need to put your belongings elsewhere. Inner-city areas often times have little or no space for vehicles and if it is available, you will pay higher insurance as chances of it getting stolen will rise. It’s cheaper to put it in storage.

In the Van Overnight Storage Solutions in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

There are many reasons to invest in extra space. When you start feeling like the walls are closing in on you, RC Van Services are fully licensed, insured and ready to help. Call us today. RC Van Services offer secure ‘In the Van’ overnight storage. We can pick up and securely pack your items one day, keep them on the truck overnight, and then deliver and unpack them the next morning at your new place. We have also gained a lot of experience in the last two decades and can also recommend self storage facilities to best meet your needs.

Avoid These DIY Mistakes When Moving to or From Brooklyn, NY; Renting Your Own Moving Truck, Asking Family & Friends, Risking Injury & Thinking Professional Movers Cost More!

When you decide that it is time to move you have to decide what all needs to be done. There is packing, labeling, moving, cleaning and much more. A lot of people think it is not big deal and they can do it themselves. This is where you might be wrong and we have some mistakes that people often make when they decide to move on their own.

RC Van Services lists common mistakes people make when they try and move on their own.

I Can Just Rent A Moving Truck No problem: This is a huge mistake! The problem is that unless you are an experienced mover and you have had some time behind the wheel of a moving truck, you are probably in for a big surprise. Being able to maneuver a large moving truck is one battle that you have to face. Many times you have to find space to park and that may be an area that is hard to get to. You could end up damaging the truck and paying for it out of your own pocket. Another problem with getting your own truck is that you now have to pack it right. If you don’t, you may end up with your belongings damaged and shifted during the drive. This can then lead to a difficult time unloading as well.
I Can Get Friends & Family To Help Move: If you are one of the rare people in the world that actually like to help a friend move then bravo to you. Most people – even if they are your friend or family member, don’t want to spend a day packing, loading and unloading heavy boxes. You may end up with far fewer hands than you thought if you are banking on your friends for help.
I Won’t Get Injured Moving Heavy Items: The last thing you need when you are trying to move and set up a new home is to start off with an injury. Professional movers are trained on the best and safest ways to pick up boxes and furniture and move them without causing injury. If you are just grabbing away at your belongings, you may end up getting an injury and be out of commission completely.
Packing Is Easy: When you need to start actually boxing up your house you may think that this is a task you can’t mess up. Well when you pack a box and don’t use adequate stuffing to protect it you will end up with a box of broken items. The boxes should be clearly labeled and boxed up so that your personal belongings get to your new house unharmed and the contents able to be located quickly.
Professional Movers Cost Too Much: You may be surprised to find out that most movers are quite reasonable and in the end cost less than if you tried to move yourself. After the cost of materials, help and a rental truck you could end up paying much more and exhausting yourself. A professional mover has all the right tools and training to have you moved without a hitch.

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