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Made a Moving Mistake in the Past? Move Tips to Help You Avoid Another One in Manhattan, NYC

When you are ready to move, whether it is a big long distance move or a move across New York City, you want to make sure that you don’t make some costly mistakes. Many people have assumptions about moving and fail to consider the task and how hard it really is to move an entire home to a new location. If you make some mistakes it can add some serious stress as well as extend the move past the deadline that you have set.

RC Van Services Lists Mistakes That You Don’t Want To Make When You Are Moving

Thinking the Average Cost of Local Movers is Too Much: If you want to save some money and move yourself you may end up biting off more than you can chew. Moving is not easy and is best left to a professional company that has the know how to move all your belongings safely. You might think that you don’t want to pay for a mover but you need to consider the costs you are going to incur if you do it yourself. You may have to pay for a rental truck, straps and blankets, gas and people that are going to come out and help with the move. Not to mention the amount of time that it will take when you are not confident in the best way to move your stuff. The chance of damaging your belongings is highly likely when amateurs attempt the move. Amateurs don’t know the correct packing and loading techniques to keep your stuff safe.
Believing Packing is No Big Deal: One thing that people seem to overlook the importance of is the packing. You can’t just wait to the last minute and start tossing your items in random boxes. This will make for an extremely difficult move and can leave your searching for important items when you need them quickly. It is better to make a plan of action and have enough time to pack each room and label the boxes well so that you know what is in each one. You can also put some boxes aside that are for your important items that you know you will need right away when you get to the new location.
Hoping You Won’t Hurt Yourself When Moving: You may think that you are in good shape and would never get injured by moving but you might be surprised. It really has less to do with age and health than it does with the correct technique. If you grab a box and lift it wrong you can easily throw out your back or pull a muscle. Even if you are safe from a more extreme injury you can still have smaller injury such as sore muscles and exhaustion. When you hire a mover they have the right equipment to do the job and keep the mover safe from injury. We will also have the correct amount of help to take care of some of the larger items.
Assuming Driving a Moving Truck is Easy: If you do not have experience driving a large truck you are in for a major surprise. It is not as easy as driving your car and you should have some training in driving these kinds of trucks before you get behind the wheel. A professional moving company has their own trucks and drivers that are able to drive the truck safely with your belongings to your new home.

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Easy Ways to Pack for Moving in Bronx, NY; Stackable Plastic Storage Bins Make Packing & Organizing for the Move Easier!

Are you ready to get your house organized or maybe ready to move? Moving is a big deal and most people take time to go through their belongings and declutter their items. When you make it to your new destination you want to make it as easy as possible to unpack and sort the belongings you did take with you. There are several ways to take care of packing and sorting such as boxes with packing paper or bubble wrap. You can also use some plastic bins which has become a great way to organize your home in an easy to manage and efficient manner.

RC Van Services Lists Ways Plastic Bins Can Help Organize Your Home & Packing for a Big Move

Packing & Storing Off Season Clothing & Decorations: The seasons change every few months and that means your wardrobe and decorations will change as well. The problem comes when you need to find a convenient place to put it all so that you can get to it when it is time to get it out again. A great solution is to use a plastic re-useable bin that can be seen through and labeled to show what items are in that particular bin. You can spot what you need much easier than going through box after box. The bins come in many sizes and that makes it great for all kinds of items. They are also great for stacking so that you can keep them in a manageable space in your home or garage.
Packing Your Files & Paperwork: Do you have old paperwork that is still under the seven year safety mark for throwing out? There needs to be a place to put all the paperwork so that if you needed it you can get to it. A plastic bin can help to keep it from bugs and water damage and can secure it by date or year. The bins come in sizes that are perfect for papers and some even fit hanging files to organize one step further.
Packaging Toys: Do you have kids that get sick of their toys and want something new? There is a great way to keep them happy and your home organized by using plastic bins. Take a portion of the toys and place them in a bin of your choice. Then take the bin away and place in a safe location. You can wait a few months and pack up the toys they have been playing with and give them the other bin. Rotating the toys keeps them interesting and you much more organized.

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When you are ready to move you can rest assured that you have your items organized labeled and packed so that when you arrive at the new house you can quickly place the bins in the appropriate area. It makes your move much easier and smoother to unpack. Contact RC Van Services for all your Greater New York City moving needs!

What Your Moving Company Wants You to Know About Your Next Move in Brooklyn, NY

If you are thinking about moving and are feeling overwhelmed call a professional moving company. This is a great way to relieve the stress of packing, moving and relocating your items to a new home. Most people don’t really realize how much work is needed to pack and move an entire house and really how much space is needed to get it all moved over. When you have a professional company hired you can spend more time on preparing for the move and getting your new home in order. The movers are also able to move your items on the timeline that you set up with them instead of doing multiple trips back and forth trying to get it done with help from friends.

RC Van Services List Things That Your Moving Company Wants You To Know & Do.

Pack In Advance: If you hire a company to do the move but you have elected to pack your own house up make sure that you are done well in advance. If you want the movers to show up and stay on the schedule that you both agreed upon you need to be packed and ready when they arrive. Pack all your belongings so that the movers can start when they arrive and they are not spending time trying to get around unpacked items or waiting for you to finish. The goal is to move your home safely and expediently to give you a good experience with your move.
Label Moving Boxes: When you are packing to move or you are having your home packed by the movers makes sure that you label all your boxes and items. This will help the movers so they have a location to leave the boxes as well as help you when you are ready to unpack. When you label your boxes and items you will have a better experience and the movers can take care of moving them with ease.
Point Out Valuables to Movers: When the movers come out to start the moving process you need to walk through and show them what items are fragile and valuable so that they can be sure they are wrapped and cared for so that they make it to your new home undamaged. We can use bubble wrap, blankets and man power to get the items loaded on the truck in a safe position and strap them down. We can also crate large fragile items.
Prepare For The Move: When you make an appointment to have your home moved you want to be sure that you have a plan of action. You can make a list of the items that need to be moved and where and what your new location will be. You also should be sure that if you live on a street that is busy or has limited parking you apply for a parking permit so that the truck has a spot to park. You also can make arrangements with the building to use the elevators if you live above street level.
Stay Out Of The Movers Way: You may think that you are being helpful by picking up boxes or holding open doors but the movers are professional. We are equipped to take care of the move and trained to work quickly and efficiently. You can take a seat and allow us to handle the job so that you are not in the way and possibly slowing down the process.

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If you are ready to move, call RC Van Services for a stress free moving experience!

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