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Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid in Brooklyn, NY; Hire Professional Movers, Don’t Over Pack Boxes & More

RC Van Services has talked with our many customers and many of them have shared similar mistakes when undergoing a move. Through our own experiences, we have noted common mistakes done by our clients during their moves as well. RC Van Services wants to share these common mistakes to help you avoid them if you are planning to move.

Common Local & Long Distance Moving Mistakes

1. Many people will try to save money during a move. Relocating your home and your life to a new location can be very costly. There are indeed places you can save money. However, hiring an uncertified moving company can spell trouble. Someone might have gotten their hand on a moving truck, tried to make a little side money, and claim to be a cheap professional moving company. Many of these movers do not have any kind of insurance. RC Van Services has heard many stories about home goods that have gotten damaged during a move. The uninsured company could not replace it. Professional moving companies carry insurance for this reason. Especially since in long distance moves, mishaps can happen. Don’t be fooled by a cheap price, do your home work and use a credited moving company.
2. Contact your moving company and get a move-in estimate. As stated before, moving is expensive. Make sure you get a full estimate before under going the move. This means knowing how much stuff you have to transport, what size truck you will need, and how many trucks are required. RC Van Services hears the same complaint: we didn’t order the right size truck or trucks. Sometimes they even over estimate the amount and request too big or too much. Do some organizing before contacting a moving service.
3. This goes with organizing your stuff. When you are getting ready to move it is best to go through and remove the items you no longer need or use. Many people over pack and take stuff that never comes out of the box when they enter into their new home. Now you have paid more money for more space that wasn’t needed.
4. Don’t over pack boxes. This causes damage to many breakables, and creates a strain when it comes to moving the boxes. Not just for the movers but also for you. It might seem tedious, but use smaller boxes for heavier stuff and larger boxes for lighter stuff. This will make your move easier on the both of us. Also label each box. You can label by room or content. Either way, this will help you and your mover to know where each box goes without having to ask questions. This will just help make the moving process faster and easier.
5. Packing and scheduling in advance is often overlooked. It’s a much slower process to pack and load your items the day the moving truck shows up. If a move is scheduled, start packing the non-essentials. As the day of the move comes closer, you can start to pack up the rest of your daily used items.

Professional Moving Services in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

RC Van Services comes across these common mistakes often. Be aware of these mistakes so you can avoid making them yourself. This will help you save time and money during a move. If you are getting ready to undergo a move, RC Van Services is ready to help you fast and easy to your fresh new start. Contact us for all your packing and moving needs!

Reasons to Hire Professional Packing Services in Queens, NY; Protecting Your Belongings When You Move

If the thought of an upcoming move sends your stress levels soaring, then consider hiring a professional moving company to do the packing for you. There are options that will fit any budget or timeline and your belongings will be properly protected for any type of move whether it’s in town or out of state. The professionals will take care it, treating your belongings as if they were their own.

Good Reasons to Use Professional Packing Services

Failing to pack valuables incorrectly may lead to heartache when you arrive at your new home. Professional movers know how to pack items efficiently, using less boxes and faster packing speeds without compromising safety. Some items are safer and easier to pack if they are taken apart. A packing service can also take apart items that are large and reassemble them when you arrive at the new place. Your floors will be protected before any of the packing starts with plastic or floor runners. Doors, banisters and doorjambs will be padded for protection and furniture will be wrapped with stretch wrap. The extra money you will pay to have it done the right way will be worth it as you don’t need to purchase any supplies.

Tools of the Moving Trade

All the supplies needed for your move will be supplied by the moving company. Bubble wrap and peanuts for fragile items, dish pack kits are great for the kitchen and paper pads protect furniture from damage. All the boxes are provided and are specially designed for moving and they won’t skimp on the packing tape so all the boxes will be securely taped.

Protecting Your Belongings When You Move

If you don’t want broken electronic items, shattered glass and damaged possessions upon arrival, you’ll need the help of professional packers. Experience is the best word to hear and your items can be insured to give you peace of mind. Packing services come with the acceptance of liability should your items get damaged broken or lost.

Custom Packing & Unpacking Services

Many people will underestimate the amount of time and energy it takes to pack a home for a move, even if it’s a small move. Choosing a full pack option will have your home packed from the attic to the basement. Any items needed a day or so before will be left behind. Choosing a partial pack allows you to pack some of your belongings on your own while leaving your most fragile items to be packed professionally. Unpacking services are also available. Moving is overwhelming even if professionals are involved. Many times things are just too hectic once you get to your new place. Unpacking services are available to get your new home set up a quickly as possible.

Professional Packing Services in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

You may feel you’re losing some control when you hire professional movers. You’ll need to remember that you’re dealing with professionals that most likely have more knowledge at how things should be done. If you end up spending too much time consuming yourself with packing you’ll have less time in saying good bye to family, friends and neighbors. Let the professionals at RC Van Services take care of it for you! Contact us for all your moving needs.

Tips on Moving & Relocating Your Commercial Business to a New Location To or From Flushing, NY

Moving can be stressful to anyone. It can especially be a hardship on anyone moving their business to a new place or town. Consider everything the small business owner must do in setting up shop somewhere new. RC Van Services has a few tips that can make those hardships a little easier for those in businesses.

Evaluate Your Business Before Moving to a New Location

When the business owner knows there is an imminent moving date, they should conduct a thorough analysis of their business office. The owner can begin to categorize their items and create a list of what is necessary for the day to day operations. The items not needed each day can be packed and moved first. The day to day office equipment will need to be packed the day of the move to ensure business as usual. Also be sure to let all of your employees know the moving date and give them plenty of notice.

Create a Moving List of Things to Do

It helps to make a “to do” list for multiple stages of moving. Some moving companies will recommend a list for three months, two months, one month, two weeks, and one week before the moving date. Creating stages for your move will help the business owner and employees to not overlook anything. This makes the move easier. Trying to move an entire business at once can become chaotic. This also creates more room for error and misplacement of precious files and equipment.

Hiring Professional Movers

Most small businesses are always trying to save money. Many will try to save money by relocating their business themselves. However regardless of the size of the business, hiring a professional moving company pays off. Most moving companies are licensed and carry insurance. In the event your equipment is damaged, the moving companies will help cover it. Most moving companies are also well staffed and have plenty of hands to help load and unload the truck. For the small business, you often have to get your employees to help and a lot of the time at your expense. Not to mention the cost of renting the truck. In the end, hiring a moving company pays for itself.

How to Pack Efficiently for a Move

Cardboard boxes are cheaper. However movers have found using plastic boxes make the loading much easier and less of a hassle. It’s also recommended you put labels on all the boxes. If you are familiar with the new office space, put on the label what the contents are and where it will be going. This will help with that pesky question during unloading and moving in “where does this go.” As you pack, go through a purge of the office of needless material. If its paper work, or broken furniture, etc. be sure to have it discarded before the move. This will help you determine the amount of moving space required.

Change of Address Letter to Venders & Customers

Within 3 months of the move, contact your venders and providers. Let them know of your future local and if any mailing or shipping addresses need to be changed. At this time make an announcement throughout your office and website of the relocation. Let your customers know how long you will be down and when you will be back up for business. Remember website, flyers and business cards take time. Be sure to have all of it done ahead of time.

Commercial Office, Business & Relocation Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

RC Van Services wants to help your business take the right steps in relocating your business. RC Van Services can help move and store your office and business goods, and remove the stress out of your businesses move. Contact us today to learn more!

Don’t Make These Packing & Sorting Mistakes During Your Next Move to or from Manhattan, NYC

When you are ready to move to a new house you need to start the packing and sorting process. This is one of the biggest tasks that you are going to need to deal with and can seem like a mountainous project. The work can seem overwhelming and you may not have an idea on where you should even start. There are several mistakes that many people make when they start to get their house packed that can not only make the packing hard but the unpacking even more difficult.

RC Van Services Lists Mistakes to Avoid When Packing Your House For A Move

Packing Without A Plan: If you just grab a box and start to throw a little of everything in it without a plan you may end up with a disaster. You need to go into the move with a plan on what needs to be packed and what should be in each box. When you have a plan you can list what to accomplish by day so that you are on schedule to meet the deadline when the moving truck arrives to load.
Pack Without Labels: This is a major mistake that many people choose to do! In order to save a little time they are willing to throw items in a box and simply label it with a room. That is just not enough indication of the contents and can cause a lot of confusion and stress when you are looking for an item when you make it to the new house. It is always better to have a list for each label to show a more accurate portrayal on what is in the box. This is a great way to save you time when you want to get unpacked.
Under filling and Overfilling Boxes: When you are ready to pack your boxes you want to be prepared to deal with how to pack a box sufficiently. The biggest mistake that people can make is packing the box incorrectly. If the box is filled too far and the sides and tops are bulging out it can be a problem. The issue is that the box is now not able to stack properly and can be dangerous. The under filled boxes are also a problem when you are ready to load the truck. It takes more space away that can be used for other items instead of wasting the space and the items packed inside can rattle around and break because they aren’t secure.
Using Cheap Packing Materials: Some people think that the cheapest boxes and tape are going to be okay. That is a major mistake! If you want to have your items secured in a box need to feel confident that the box is able to withstand the weight. That also includes using a good packing tape to secure the opening of the box. You want to make sure that you get some quality packing supplies to ease the anxiety when your items are loaded and unloaded.

Moving & Packing Services in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ.

If you are ready to move call a moving company right away to get a date picked for your next big move. Call RC Van Services for all your local and long distance moving needs!

Comfortable Long Distance Drive Moving Tips in Bronx, NY; Plan Out Stops, Get Out of Car & Stretch, Make Playlist & More

Moving is not a fun activity for anyone. It can be exciting knowing that you are going to a new home and starting fresh but the move can cause anxiety and lots of stress. Now when you add a move that is long distance, there is an entire new level of unease. When you hire a moving company the level of work that has to be done and the stress goes down significantly. You know that your belongings will be packed properly and moved is a great benefit to using a professional moving company. Although you have a moving company to get your items where they need to go, you have to get yourself there too.

RC Van Services Lists What You Can Do to Make Your Long Distance Move More Comfortable

Plan Out Stops: When you have an address and a destination that you are heading to, you need to have a plan for directions. When you make these plans the have your directions figured out, you need to make stops along your route. These stops should not just be a standard rest stop with no amenities. Plan out stops at actual rest stops. The great thing about a rest stop is that you will have access to drinks, snacks and other amenities that can help you wake up and leave you feeling refreshed. You may even be able to see other motorists that want to chat to break up the monotony of driving.
Get Out & Stretch: When you want to move long distance there will be a serious amount of driving involved to get you to your destination. This driving is tiresome and exhausting so you need to do all you can to be prepared for the trip. You want to make sure that when you take your stops you get out of the car and give yourself some time to stretch your muscles. Your muscles can get stiff and sore from sitting and driving so this will give them a nice stretch to wake them up and keep you feeling comfortable. Even you are not feeling the tension from the drive you still want to stretch out.
Playlist & Chargers: When driving over a long distance, you are going to run through areas on the drive that you cannot get access to radio stations. This will leave you with long bouts of quiet in the car that can make you feel even more tired. The best way to combat this issue is to set up a playlist on your phone so that you have a list of music or books you can listen to along the way. You won’t be able to make the playlist while you drive so make sure it is done in advance. You also want to have a car charger adapter that you can use in case you drain your battery on your cell phone.

Moving Services for Long Distance & Local Moving in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

If you have a move planned or know that you are going to be moving soon, call a professional moving company to help out. RC Van Services can pack your belongings, load them onto one of our moving trucks or vans and take them to your new destination.

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