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How to Prepare Your Washer, Dryer & Other Appliances for a Move to or from Queens, NY

Getting your belongings ready for a move is one of the most stressful parts of a move. Making sure that everything has place and isn’t at risk of getting broken or damaged takes a lot of time. Some of the most expensive things you need to prepare for a move are your appliances. It is worth investing some time in preparing them to ensure they aren’t damaged from the move at all. RC Van Services would like to share some tips to keep your appliances safe and prepare them for a move.

How to Prepare a Washer for a Move

Before moving your washing machine, you need to run a regular cycle with hot water and either bleach or vinegar added to properly clean it. This should be done without any laundry in the tub. To clean your dryer, use a mixture of household cleaner and water to wipe out the drum. If you have a gas dryer, make sure the gas line is turned off and it is disconnected before trying to move it. Before you move your washer, disconnect the hot and cold water as well as the power.

How to Move a Refrigerator

Before moving your refrigerator, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure there is no longer any food or other debris that can cause bad odors. You will need to allow your refrigerator time to defrost before you can move it. This will take about three days to complete. If your refrigerator has an ice maker, you want to turn it off and empty it. Your refrigerator needs to have time to completely dry to avoid any mold or mildew problems. If you are moving your refrigerator to storage, make sure the doors are propped open slightly to allow ventilation while storing.

Moving a Dishwasher to a New Location

Before disconnecting your dishwasher from power and water, you should run it without any dishes in it. Pour 1 cup of bleach in the bottom of the dishwasher after you hear it fill with water to give it a deep clean. After running this last load, it is important to give the dishwasher time to completely dry before moving it. Let it sit with the door propped open for 24 hours to ensure it is completely dry. It is best to leave the door slightly propped open to allow ventilation and avoid any mold and mildew problems when storing.

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When moving, you want your appliances to get from point A to point B without sustaining any damage. RC Van Services takes the upmost care of your belongings to ensure their safe arrival to your new home. Call us today!

Moving Motivation Tips; Best Way to Unpack & Organize After a Move to or from Flushing, NY

Moving is a big deal and there is a lot that takes place before, during and even after the move. Many of the concerns and troubles you can face when moving can be lessened for you when you hire a moving company. The moving company can come to your home and help pack the boxes as well as load all your large furniture and personal belongings in their truck. The truck will be driven to your new location and then unloaded. Using a professional to load and pack your home is a great way to move without feeling overwhelmed and concerned about the move itself. Once you have made it to you new house you may feel overwhelmed with what to do next. You are most likely living in a sea of boxes that are piled in every single room. The best thing is to open you essential items box so that you have what you need to get through the night and get ready to start the day.

RC Van Services Lists Tips to Help You Unpack Your House After a Move

The best thing to do when you are ready to unpack is to go to the room that is needed first and move your way down. Think about the necessity of each room and what ones you are going to want put together first.
Start Unpacking The Bedroom: After you have dealt with a move you are most likely going to want to relax and enjoy a good nights sleep. Especially after you have been moving and unpacking. The bedroom is the place to start so you can set up your bed, dressers and unpack your clothing. You are going to need access to your clothing so that you can get to work or school and you will want to sleep good so the bedroom is a good starting point. You are not usually going to have guests over the first few days so the main rooms of the home can be left for later time. Living and searching for your personal belonging through boxes is not fun.
Tips for Unpacking & Organizing the Bathroom: The next place that should be unpacked is the bathroom. You most likely have been running around getting your boxes moved, unpacking and all you really want to do is lay down. Well not with dirty clothes and sweat everywhere. You want to be able to shower and nothing is worse than realizing that you are ready to shower only to find that there is not a shower curtain up or a towel unpacked. Get in the bathroom and make sure that you pull out your rugs, shower curtains and towels so that the room is usable. Then get your cleaning products out so that the shower is more than just a quick rinse. This includes your toiletries such as toothpaste and deodorant. You will feel much better and ready to take on the day with a fresh shower.
Don’t Let Unpacking Your Kitchen Be Overwhelming: The last thing that you are interested in doing when you move into a new home is cooking a meal on the first few nights. That is why the kitchen can be unpacked after the bedroom and the bathroom. The conveniences of fast food make it easy to wait a day or two to get around to the kitchen. The kitchen also requires more organizing and time so you want to be sure that you are ready to commit some time to it. You can go after the rest of the odds and ends once these three main areas are taken care of.

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RC Van Services offers expert moving services from our home base.

How to Survive a Cold Rain & Snow Winter Weather Move in NYC; Dress in Layers Fashion, Make Path & More

If you live in NYC, you know that the winter can be brutal. Snow can accumulate in no time flat, and there are times that you have planned a move that has to take place no matter what. If you are trying to move during the winter months, it will obviously have different logistics than a move during any other time of the year. RC Van Services would like to share some tips to help you survive a move during the winter in NYC.

Dress in Layers Fashion for Moving in Cold Weather

This tip might be obvious, but you are going to need layers to stay warm. You may have to plan ahead to leave out warm clothes for your move. You will need to make sure you have enough clothing to stay warm throughout your move. Winter time in NYC can be cold and chill you to the bone.

Switch Utilities Before Moving

When you get your move in date secured, you will want to call the utility company and have the utilities turned on a few days in advance to ensure your new place is warm and not chilly during your move. This can be a lifesaver.

Moving Flexibility Due to Rain & Snow

When you move during the winter months, there is no telling what the weather is going to be. It can change day to day. If you know that a large storm is making its way to NYC, make travel arrangements to get there before it hits. A heavy snow storm in NYC can make it almost impossible to drive in. You may want to secure two move days with your moving company just in case you run into inclement weather.

Shovel Snow on Walkways & Driveways to Make Path for Moving

If the city has just experienced a large snow storm, you will want to make sure there is a decent path shoveled and ready for move in day. You can use snow melt to keep the pathway free from ice, and avoid having anybody slip as they carry your belongings into your new place.

Protect Floors With Runners When Moving

When you move in the winter, you need to think about ways to protect your flooring during the move. This can be done by laying down paper and taping it to the high traffic areas, using floor mats at all the doors, and even the use of old blankets and sheets can do wonders for saving your flooring. There is a good chance that there will be a lot of salt on the bottom of the mover’s shoes from the walkways. You don’t want that to be tracked throughout your home.

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No matter what time of the year you are moving to NYC and surrounding areas, RC Van Services has over 30 years of experience to help your move be a smooth one. With the right equipment and trained movers, we will ensure even the most fragile belongings are safely moved into your new home. Contact us for all your moving needs!

Helping Kids Cope With Moving to a New House In Or Out Of State in Manhattan, NYC; Things to Do Before & After the Move

For many families, moving can be an exciting time but also a sad time for the life you and your family will leave behind. Children especially feel the effects of leaving familiar schools, activities, and friends behind. This often places fear and stress for them as they begin a new life. Some children react negatively to moves because they do not know how to deal with this new stress. However there are several things that you as a parent can do to help guide and support your children through this tough time in their life. RC Van Services has a few ideas that you can do to better prepare and help your children adjust to a move far better and with a more positive attitude.

Things to Do Before Moving House In or Out of State

There are some things you will want to do before the move. For starters get information about your new destination such as schools and activities your kids might be interested in. Get a good feel for the surrounding neighborhoods where you will be moving into. Some good resources are the Chamber of Commerce, Welcome Wagon, and the Board of Realtors that can all provide great information. Obviously share with your children about the move well in advance to help give them the time to accept and say their own goodbyes. It also helps children to feel better about the move by getting them familiar with their new town and home. Try to get pictures of the future home and even their bedroom and get them excited on how they can make it their own. If you’re moving long distances you will have to get creative on how you can bring their new home to them. However if you’re moving to the other side of town, it’s good to take them to see their new home and neighborhoods in person. If possible, visit your child’s new school; try to meet with the principal and teacher they might have, to get more familiar with them. It’s also to get all school, dental and medical records transferred before the move. Try to have a going away party for your kids so they can invite all their friends so they can exchange addresses and phone numbers. In this way, they can try and stay in contact with one another and to say their final goodbyes without regret. Finally allow your children to bring with them comfort items. For small children it might be a toy or blanket.

Things to Do After Moving to a New House

After the move, make sure to follow through with any bedroom plans or find after school activities the kids want to do. If possible take your children with you when you enroll them into their new school. This gives them the opportunity to meet their teachers and the principal. Helping get your children or child familiar with their new neighborhoods and schools will better help them adjust more quickly. Next, encourage them to stay in contact with their old friends. Maybe help them take pictures of their new how and have them share it with their friends. The key is helping them become part of their new home and town. Help keep them busy so their minds don’t drift to those things they will miss.

Local & Long Distance Moving in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

When movers say this is a stressful time in your life, as the parent you may not have realized it’s not just your belonging you will have to worry about moving to a new location, but your children’s too. We at RC Van Services want to help you give your children peace of mind as they begin this new journey. We hope this was of help in sharing ideas that will keep your family moving forward in a positive direction. For all your moving needs, RC Van Services is a call away.

Tips to Move a Couch, Dresser & Other Heavy Furniture Items in Bronx, NY; Moving Tasks to Do Yourself to Prepare for Movers

There is a little bit more to preparing to move large and heavy items than most people think. It’s not complicated. It’s just that most of the time this is something we overlook. Whether you’re moving long distances or just relocating homes, you will want to make moving those large, heavy and just plain awkward items a little easier. RC Van Services will share a few tips on preparing for your move and hopefully help make it easier on you.

How to Move a Couch, Dresser or Other Heavy Furniture By Yourself

Obviously, seeking the aid of a moving company will make all the difference. Not only will it make it easier on you but it will be faster. There are a few steps you still will want to take to help coordinate with the moving company and save you some surprises.
1. First call a licensed moving company for a quote. Name the large items you will need help with. Include the size and estimated weight. Make sure you tell them every item for a more accurate quote. We stress “licensed” for many reasons. First, a licensed company carries insurance in the event something gets damaged during the move. Second, there are many scam movers that have a truck but no moving equipment, insurance, or experiences with large fragile items.
2. After you have given the moving company your list of items you will receive your quote. This list doesn’t just help you organize, but it helps the movers as well. They will know what equipment will be necessary. If a large tractor or loader will be used, the equipment will be included in your estimated quote.
3. Prepare accessibility for the movers. If you’re in an apartment building and on the upper floors, reserve an elevator if possible to help the movers avoid caring large heavy items down a flight of stairs. This doesn’t only help the movers but also insures less chance of an accident occurring and causing damage to your items. You will find that will also save you time and if the movers work by the hour it will also save you money.
4. Check the route the movers must take and make sure there is enough room for their truck to park. If you have large items that won’t fit through the door, they many come with special equipment to take items out of the windows if possible. All of this will take room. Try to reserve space for the trucks and equipment if used.
5. Get a visual estimate of the area before moving. You will want to organize the furniture or items before moving and if your movers will help you unload, know what space you will have at your new destination as well as the best way to unload your items. Communicate with the movers so you’re both on the same page. This will make your move more successful and quicker.

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RC Van Services hopes to better help our customers prepare for a move, especially when transporting large items. We know no one wants surprises when moving. If your moving long distances or relocating to a new home and need help moving, call us today and see how we can help make your move fast, easy and stress free.

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