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How to Prepare for Packers & Movers in Flushing, NY; Inventory Items to Move, Pre-Pack Small Items & More

When it comes to moving there is much to do. Investing in a professional moving company can take much of the weight off your shoulders, literally and figuratively. But even with some assistance there are preparations that you can do to let us do their jobs more efficiently. Today, we at RC Van Services would like to share some tips you can do for your move before the professionals arrive.
1. Get rid of the useless items in your home. When it comes to moving, the more weight you have the more it will cost you to move. So why pay to move junk that you are never going to use? Don’t waste your money or time. Instead go through your home one room at a time and assess your belongings. You haven’t used something in a year; chances are you are not going to. You should trash it, recycle it, donate it, or sell it.
2. Dispose of anything professionals won’t pack. There are laws and regulations regarding what movers can pack and transport. When going through your home you can take the liberty of determining the items that are not going to be handled by the professionals. The 3 most common things professionals refuse to mess with are from the following categories:
– Hazardous examples of things not handled include corrosive, explosive and flammable materials. Weapons and ammunition, chemicals, oils, cleaning fluids, paint, and so on are examples of such.
– Perishables items like frozen, refrigerated or fresh foods. It is optimal to use up pantry prior to the move.
– Plants are extremely fragile and are too high a risk for your plants to be in a moving truck for any length of time. If you want to take plants with on you on the move, it is your responsibility. If you do not want attempt a road trip with them, consider donating your plants to friends, local hospitals, schools, nursing homes, or other similar places.
3. Create an inventory of your belongings. Creating an items checklist for your personal property can help you and the movers packing your stuff. Having your inventory listed can help for 2 primary reasons: 1) A detailed list of all the items in your moving can help you in your search if items go missing or damaged things. 2) You have the upper hand if you need to file an insurance claim with your insurer or mover if you do find any of your delivered goods damaged or missing.
4. Create a no-pack zone. If you have a room or space you can dedicate to the items you are personally taking with you on your travels it will make communication with the professionals far easier. For a reminder, you can write a little note on the door stating “do not pack” or something similar. Making the area identifiable will help your move pass by more smoothly. Such items left in your possession should include important documents, electronic devices, valuables, like jewelry and so on, medication, and other related items.
5. Prepare the essentials. Be organized, and pack two essential boxes that ride with you. The furniture that is broken down will have hardware, like brackets, bolts, and nuts for example should be in one of the boxes and your second box should contain prescription medicine, non-perishable food, bottled water, plastic kitchen utensils, towels, bed sheets, spare clothes for each family member, toiletries, favorite book or games, essential tools, jewelry pieces, family heirlooms, important documents, expensive electronics, and etc.
6. Gather the family together for safety instructions. Come moving day, things are hectic and chaotic during the activities. Smaller children should be with a trusted loved one, older children should be briefed on strangers and how to stay out of the way of the professionals to avoid injury. Remind the kids to constantly check in as well.
7. Prepare household appliances. Have a specific inventory checklist for your appliances.
Unplug any large appliances you intend to have packed like refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, electric or gas cookers, and empty them. It will be more optimal for you to clean the appliances prior to moving. Be ready to wrap up and protect the appliances before the professional.
8. Pre-pack small items. Pre-pack some special items of yours to sleep better that night.
Take care of the small stuff that you can easily pack up yourself. Despite having a paid professional to pack up your household goods for you, choosing to pre-pack some small items the way you want it can be a more optimal approach. Doing so is especially useful when packing collector’s items, high valued treasures that are both sentimental and monetary, and other similar effects.
9. Take photos. Before the packers come, bust out the digital camera and take photos of your inventory, they are useful in the event you need to file claim or find something that is missing.
Concentrate your photographs on valuables and antiques, and make sure you produce numerous close up shots.
10. Consider the professionals. Once the professionals arrive, you will be able to see us in action and the smooth methodical action. It never hurts to show us where the bathroom is and offer some water bottles and snacks.

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Some Troubles that Come With DIY Moving in New York City, NY; Trying to Rent a Moving Truck, Not Hiring Movers & More

When you have decided that you need to move whether for a new job or a new house, there are a lot of things that you will need to do before the big day. The list may seem endless so it is important to look at the things you want to avoid or understand what can go wrong. Having these things in your mind is a great way to avoid some disasters. On top of the stress of moving no-one wants to deal with extra things that are going wrong. There are some moving troubles that you cannot account for but doing what you can to stop some of them will really help with the overall move.

RC Van Services List Troubles You May Run Into When Moving to a New Place

Trying To Rent A Moving Truck: If you are ready to move and decide that you are going to rent a truck you most likely call to schedule the pick up right away. Most places need notice of at least a few days to ensure that a truck is available. The issue comes when you call to set up the truck pick up and they don’t have that time slot available. There are many other people that are moving the same weekend as you. When it comes to the day to actually pick up the truck you are like most people and expecting the truck to be waiting for you. That is just not how it works very often. Many places that rent out trucks will be overbooked and will need to do some shuffling around. That means that the size you want or the time that you want may be moved depending on the trucks being turned in. If you want to give yourself some cushion and you don’t have a schedule to keep, this may be okay for you. Most people want to get the move done without dealing with all these setbacks.
Getting A Late Moving Start: Some people wake up a little later and then get started with the last minute loading and cleaning. The biggest problem is that if you are trying to do the move yourself you may have underestimated the last minute things that need to be done. There are also some things that you can’t really pack until the day of; and that is going to take some time. If you are moving long distance you will need to take care of all the cleaning before you pull away as well. If you are moving it is always better to get a nice early start to leave you some time for unloading as well.
Not Getting Moving Help: If you don’t have a bunch of friends and family that are able to come and help pack, clean, load and move your house you need to hire a professional. It is never a good idea to try and do all the work on your own. It is best to hire a professional that can at a minimum come out and move all the heavy items like beds and dressers.

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Piano Moving Tips; How to Move a Baby Grand, Upright Spinet or Other Piano in Manhattan, NYC

Moving a piano is very difficult and the task should not be taken lightly. Pianos are expensive, extremely heavy and many have sentimental value attached to them. These are all good reasons to hire professionals to move your piano for you. There will be a charge, but the peace of mind you’ll have knowing it will be done safely will be well worth the price. Professional piano movers have the correct tools and experience. A standard piano has 230 strings and around 10,000 separate moving parts, so a lot of damage can be caused when moving one.

Tips on Moving a Piano

Always take measurements of the piano and the doorways it will move through. Map out the pathway it will take around corners and stairs. You should even count the stairs you will climb too. Have at least four strong people available to help and have them wear nonskid gloves. Buy or borrow piano moving equipment and use it properly. Wrap the piano in furniture pads, secure it with rubber bands and use stretch wrap to secure it all in place. Make sure the movers work as a team.

Do’s & Don’ts When Moving a Piano

– Do make sure you move furniture and other large objects out of the way to make a clear path. This will be easier than doing it in the middle of the move.
– Don’t keep the lid unlocked. If the move gets bumpy, the instruments keys can be damaged.
– Don’t try shifting the weight in one direction or the other. Tipping the piano over stairs or around corners can put stress on the midsection and warp the frame of it.
– Do make sure the piano is secured in the truck as the move can easily damage it. It can even cause damage you won’t be able to see.
– Don’t use regular cargo straps with pianos. You need to purchase heavy-duty straps designed for furniture that can hold heavy weight during the move.
– Do remove the legs on a grand piano before you move it. The legs can break during the move and removing the legs will also make it easier to maneuver the piano through the house.
– Don’t pack the piano last. The piano should be put on the moving truck first in the very back, up against the wall. If you notice that the trucks interior isn’t level, you will need to put some wood planks on the floor to evenly balance the weight.
– Do put some desiccants inside the piano before you pack it up. These will help if the truck stops in a humid environment overnight and will prevent the wood from warping or cracking.
– Do have the piano tuned once it’s in its new home. Even a move without damage can affect the piano. Humidity and atmospheric pressure in a new home can put it out of tune.

Professional Piano Moving in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

Piano moving is time consuming and difficult. To prevent damage, it needs to be done with the utmost care. Always consult with professional piano movers before a move. You may think you can’t afford our services, but the quote we provide may give you important considerations or enable you to tweak your budget to find the money. When it comes to piano moving, RC Van Services is a great option to look at. Give us a call today!

Long Distance Moving with Children Out of State; How to Help Your Kids Cope with Moving Anxiety in Bronx, NY

Kids and long distance moving can be nearly unbearable. With so many things to do associated with moving; packing, selling or giving away items, making the living arrangements, and all of life’s daily responsibilities; the long distance move is quite a project. Figuring how to involve the kids could be quite a challenge. Today, we at RC Van Services, we would like to share some tips and advice on how you can juggle long distance moving and kids.

How to Help Your Kids Cope with Moving Anxiety

1. Include the kids in viewing the new house. Take the kids with you, if possible, after you narrowed down the search down as you go house hunting. Get them excited and show them the backyard and which room could potentially be theirs, and so on. If they cannot go with you in person, show them pictures online and excite them into the new adventure. Typically, children are fairly anxious when change is in the immediate future, especially the school age kids. Getting them hyped towards the positive can help make the transition far smoother. Try and show them the local school, parks and libraries, along with extra curricular activities that can make them feel more at ease and comfortable.
2. Have each of your children sort through their stuff. Sifting through the contents of every room; discarding, donating, or even selling some unwanted items can be greatly beneficial. Permit the kids to have some control over some of their stuff. Clothes that don’t fit and are in good condition should be saved for a yard sale or donated. Toys can be sold or donated as well if a child has outgrown them and is no longer age appropriate.
3. Let children help pack and move. Many kids always want to lend a helping hand, most adults prefer to do the work themselves for the sake of speed, but letting children help out teaches them to be helpful later in life as well as gives them ownership in the move. Younger kids can contribute to lighter stuff while older children can help with heavier things, or more involved tasks. If you decide to have a yard sale, let them help out with that as well so they are more involved with the process and don’t feel like they are neglected during this busy time. It will also help minimize the melt downs they perform for attention.
4. More on moving day. The smaller kids might be better off with a sitter during this stage, but the kids old enough to take direction can assist with the moving day chores. Carrying light boxes, labeling, cleaning, or putting them in charge of the family pet can help them and you get through the day. Keep them interested by incorporating some fun activities to keep their interest.
5. Moving day crafts. Children and crafts are a great way to keep them busy, have your kids design their own personal address book for their close friends. Include a spot for friend’s name, phone number, email, and home address and maybe even a wallet size photo in the book so they can keep in touch. This can be a real comfort. A scrap book of their old house, school, and hobbies and so on can be a good idea also.
6. Before the long trip, spend children’s energy. During all the busyness of moving, consider taking some designated time aside and plan a fun day or evening where the family spends time together having fun and release the anxiety and built up energy.
7. Road trip moving fun. Driving to the new destination needs to be enjoyable for the kids. Pack their favorite snacks and drinks, a few hand held games, and a pillow for when they need to rest. Movies and other such forms of entertainments are well worth the investment, not for their sanity, but mostly for your own. Be sure the family is dressed in comfortable clothes and shoes to make the long trip a little more relaxing.
8. Make unpacking fun. To continue providing fun in the unpacking, sneak a t-shirt in their clothing box, or a new little toy in another of their personal boxes to prevent the unpacking process from getting boring and encourage them to continue on in the hopes of discovering new treasures.

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