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Good Reasons to Move House, Out of an Apartment, to a New City, Another State & More in Manhattan, NYC

Moving is a big deal and it is usually a big change in someone’s life that brings them to the decision to move. There is packing, loading and moving which is not a small task. Moving is usually a stressful event and there is a lot that goes into getting ready. Not only do you need to set up your new home to move in but you need to pack up and clean the house you are moving from. People move for many different reasons but no matter what the reason, it is a great idea to call in a professional mover. The moving company can come out to pack your home up and load your belongings so they can be transferred to your new residence.

RC Van Services Lists Reasons That a Family or Person Chooses to Move to a New Residence.

Purchase a New Home: One of the top reasons that a family or a person moves is because they have purchased a new home. A new home is a great investment as well as a great start to a family. When you buy a new house you are ready to move and start a life in your own place where you can paint and live the way you want. You can decorate and set it up to your own specs where that was not possible in a rental property.
A Change in a Relationship: Another reason that people move from one place to another is when there is a change in certain types of relationships. This can be a few different changes. One is if you get married or start a relationship and decide to live together. The move could be getting a place that is big enough for the pair of you. Another change is when you go through a divorce or a break up and need to move out of a house.
Moving For Work: There are people that work for companies that do business in several different cities and states. If you are working for a company that gives you a promotion you may need to relocate to a new area. Whether that is to a new state or a new city you may need to pack your stuff and head out. A new job opportunity is a great reason to move.
Downsizing: if you are an older couple and you are still staying in a home that you raised your family in it may be time to downsize. It is a hard choice to make when selling a home you had so many memories in but downsizing to a house that is more manageable is a great reason. It can also be to get out of a home with stairs and make living easier for an older person or couple.

Moving & Packing Services in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

No matter what the reason behind the move, it is going to be stressful. The stress can be lessened when you hire a moving company. We have the tools and equipment to secure your belongings as well as trucks to get them moved to the new location. RC Van Services is standing by for you!

Short & Long Term Moving & Storage Solutions for Your Packed Boxes & Other Belongings in Bronx, NY

Making a move can seem near impossible with the amount of stuff your home has accumulated throughout the years. During the moving process, one can easily find the need for storage options for a number of circumstances. To accommodate customers, many local moving companies offer storage options with their moving packages. With that in mind, we at RC Van Services would like to shine some light on storage facilities to consider when you are making your move.

Storage Solutions for Your Packed Moving Boxes

RC Van Services for example, offers short term storage solutions. Most storage facilities are designed with the customer in mind, offering a number of services such as allowable access, security, climate control, and more. When selecting your storage facility is be sure you know the guidelines, regulations, hours, and other specifics you may need to know to house specialized items, and all other pertinent information to ensure the facility will meet all of your individual needs.

Short to Long Term Storage Facility Unit Rentals

Moving companies providing top notch storage facilities often spare no expense to protect your personal treasures. With climate-control being an important feature in order to offer more protection for your property from extreme heat and cold temperatures, having that attribute in your storage facility choice can well worth the investment. Moisture, over any length of time is a danger to a number of materials that are used to construct many of your possessions. Typically, these facilities are equipped with moisture prevention to avoid moisture causing damage.

Moving Company Package Deals

Opting to store some or all of your household items can instead save you the grief of the repetitive task of packing or padding furniture and possessions or other awkwardly large items only to unpack them and repack them again for the long distance or local move. Taking advantage of a package deal with your moving company that includes storing what you need can save you aggravation and headache.

Inventory of Packed Boxes & Other Belongings

Keeping track of the items you chose to store can be a challenging task without the help of the moving company and the trained experts in charge will assist you with that hardship. Generally, quite a few companies will collect an inventory of all your items and specific areas that are designated to ensure your specific treasures are easy to get to and well preserved. All the preparations and methods are performed an effort to help you locate your household possessions and make your storage experience a whole lot simpler.

Moving & Storage in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx, NY & Secaucus, NJ
RC Van Services offers many services to offer those planning a move. Whether long distance or local, you can store your belongings in our van overnight. Give RC Van Services a call today to learn more about our storage accommodations and moving packages.

PPM VS PCS DITY Military Moving in Brooklyn, NY; Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps & Coast Guard Moves

The life of an active military family is never settled. It seems that you are getting orders to move from one base to another every three to four years. There are some stations that will extend your orders and keep you there for up to seven years but then off you go. The orders come and you are going to need to get ready to move, again. The move is a way of life for most military families and they know the process and what will happen. Many of the active military families choose to live a simple lifestyle and won’t purchase too much equipment and furniture so that their moves are a bit easier. There used to be only way one to move when the military gave you your assignment. That is what is called a PCS or Permanent Change In Station. That is not the only option anymore and A PPM or Personally Procured Move. It is a great option that many families are realizing is a better bet for them.

RC Van Services Explains What the Differences Between A PCS Move & A PPM When You Are Active Military

What Is A PCS: A PCS or Permanent Change In Station is when the military gives the order to a member to move to a new station. The station can be in a different city, state or even country. The order is handed down and you as the service member will need to work with the government to move your family and belongings. You need to find a new place that you will purchase or rent and have it ready for when you move. Once you have a location to move to you can set up a date and time with the government contracted movers to come out and pack your home. They are offered a rate that the government sees fit and are paid to move you. The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about any payments and arrangements but the cost may be less if you end up taking care of the move yourself.
What Is A PPM Move: This is what is referred to as a Personal Procured Move. It is when the member is given the orders to move to a new station but they choose to hire their own movers. There are some options that you can use when choosing PPM. One option is to pack your house, load it and rent a moving truck. Now you have to drive the large truck and do all the heavy lifting. This is not something that many people want to do when they are already dealing with the stress of moving. The between option is to hire your own moving company. The great thing about this is that you can potentially get a better rate on the move than the government is going to get. Now the government will still pay you a set amount that they determine appropriate for the move. Then you pay your mover that you hired and the extra money is yours to keep. It is a great way to move your military family and to make some money.

RC Van Services Offers Military Family Moves In Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx, NY & Secaucus, NJ

Best Time to Move to or from Queens, NY; Spring! Cheaper, More Flexible Moving Schedule, Better Weather & More

There are times throughout the year that have pros and cons to being a good time to move. Children are out of school in the summer and that can make it easier because there aren’t any restraints with school schedules. Most moving companies are in a slump during the winter which means you can get a good deal. Tens of millions of people move in North America each year. Many times, you don’t a have a choice as to when you move, but if you do, consider spring. Spring just may the best time to plan and execute your move. Spring moves will allow you to enjoy your new home during the summer months or enjoy a nice vacation getting you back into the normal routine come fall.

Great Reasons to Move in the Spring Time

1. Save money by moving in the spring. Movers aren’t as busy in the winter as there’s less competition. Summer is easier for families because it fits their schedule better. It can mean savings of hundreds of dollars depending on the size of your home and the type of move you’re planning. These savings will continue into spring and springtime is just before summer, leaving you a bigger window of availability.
2. Spring moving means more flexibility. Children are out of school for a few months during the summer making a move easier but you have a little flexibility in the spring too. There’s spring break that lasts for a week. It’s a much smaller window but if you plan ahead of time a move can happen. If you prefer not to deal with a move in the summer, this little hiccup during spring break is worth it to many families, even if it interrupts school for a short time.
3. Moderate weather when moving during spring. Weather is always a big factor to take into consideration when planning a move. Summer moves will be easier than a winter move, but these two seasons can have very different extremes. Summers can be humid and hot and winters can be very cold with icy roads depending on where you live. Spring is a great alternative with no dangerous roads to travel on temperatures that are more comfortable.
4. Spring is a good time to buy and/or sell. Looking at the housing market might be more important than looking at the needs of your family. Spring is a huge time for the national real estate scene according to With warm weather and extra daylight hours, it’s the best time of year for buying and selling. If you want to get the most for your money, spring might just be the best time to strike.

Moving Services & More in Manhattan NYC, New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx & Secaucus NJ

Moving companies are busier in the summer months and a move will cost more. Other than Easter, there aren’t a lot of major events to work around in the spring. Moves around Easter will go a little smoother than a move around Christmas, for example and moving during the summer might make you feel like you never had a break all year! Regardless of when you decide to move, you’ll need the help of professional movers. We have the experience to get you moved into your new home. Call RC Van Services today!

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