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How to Organize & Pack Books for Moving, Shipping or Storage in Queens, NY

When you are ready to move to a new house the time has come to organize and go through all your belongings that you own. You never want to take more than you actually want or will be using. The stress and hard work it takes to pack, load and move to a new house is enough without adding the extra weight of things that you don’t need to have. One area that people tend to overlook but should really be thinned out is the library. Most homes have a library or at least a book shelf that has an array of books. They look great but when they are stacked in a box and need to be lifted are they still that great? A single book is no big deal but when you start loading a shelf of them in a box it may take a team to actually lift it up. That is why there are some great tips that need to be used when packing up your books and your library.

RC Van Services Offers Packing Tips When Moving & Transporting Your Books From One Location to Another

Organize: This is a step that is extremely necessary and should really be done before you are at the packing stage. You want to take some time to go through all the books on your shelf. You can make a few different piles when organizing. One pile are for the books that you know you will need or will actually ready again. The other pile is for a friend of family member that lives nearby that may enjoy the books that you are already done with. Lastly have a pile of books that you can donate to the local library. These might be books for studying a class that you passed, children’s books that are just out of date for your kids’ ages or books that you have read but don’t fit the mold of what your friends and family would want to read. This can decrease your book collection substantially and help when it is time to pack and move.
Packing Materials: The next step that you need to take now that you can see how many books you are going to take is to find the right materials. They actually sell boxes that are made to hold books! This is an investment that will be worth your money in the end. They are sturdy and small enough that someone should be able to pick up the box without too much exertion. If you don’t have book boxes you want to use something that is small so that you don’t overfill it. Then have some good sturdy packing tape and some packing paper.
Packing Books for Moving: Now you need to actually pack the books and seal up the box. There is actually a few different way to put the books in the box, one being laying them flat down. This is a great way to pack them as long as you fit the larger books at the bottom. They should not shift too much and it does not apply too much pressure on the spine of the book. You can also pack them spine side down. This is not the best option but sometimes necessary for specific books to fit in the allotted book box. You can also pack them open side to the edge. That means all the spines are near the middle if the box.

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Beating the Summer Heat when Moving to Flushing, NY; Get Early Start on Move Day & More

Beating the summer heat is a difficult feat in day to day life. Adding moving to the equation sounds nauseating. But more often than not, the summer is the most ideal time to move. Many kids are out of school and the sun offers more daylight hours. We at RC Van Services would like to offer some tips and advice you can easily apply to your moving activities to make the summer heat more manageable.

How to Beat the Heat When Moving to a New Home

1) Get an Early Start when Moving. Trying to perform the moving tasks outside is difficult when the heat is at peak temperatures. In general, from the hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. the intensity of the sun and UV rays are at their strongest. Starting in the early mornings will give the advantage of cooler, even up to 10 degree difference or more.
2) Dress Smart when Moving. When dressing for a summer move, there are a few basic guidelines. For starters, your clothes should be made of a lightweight, loose-fitting and breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen. Such materials absorb sweat and allow for faster evaporation to help stay dry during the move. Light-colored clothing is also ideal. Whites and neutrals contribute to staying cool under the hot sun. Black and dark-colored clothing only absorb more sunlight, making you significantly hotter. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and a hat.
3) Have Plenty of Bottled Water on Move Day. Staying hydrated is especially important under the hot sun, especially when you are doing heavy labor like moving. Heavy lifting and the walking to and fro will produce sweat and replenishing the lost moisture.
4) Turn on Utilities. Keep the utilities on in the old house until you are out, and be sure to flip on the utilities when you arrive at the new place to unpack. Air conditioning can help you keep cool as you are in the home to find relief.
5) Use Sunscreen when Moving Outside. At the start of the day, lube up with sunscreen and make sure all the exposed skin is generously covered including; face, neck, ears, shoulders, arms, hands, feet and legs. According to experts you should use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher; be sure that is water resistant. Apply the sunscreen 15 minutes prior to heading outside, and make sure to reapply the sunscreen every two hours.
6) Be Aware of Heat Sensitive Items when Moving. Not everything you own is tolerant of exposure to warm temperatures. Electronics is a prime example of an item that is compatible to heat. Plastic items can even melt if the temperatures are hot enough.
7) Use Portable Fans when Moving. Battery operated fans can really help keep the area you are working in cool and if you are outside for extended periods of time. Especially useful if the building lacks air conditioning for unforeseen reasons.
8) Cold Towels for Hot Movers. Fill a separate cooler with ice than the ones keeping the water bottles cold. Store a handful of damp towels in the ice chest and when you or your crew get overheated you can get instant relief with a cool towel.
9) Learn the Symptoms of Overheating. Over exposure to the heat has been proven extreme and hazardous to trained athletes let alone locals trying to move their home. Knowing the signs of overheating can be useful. Overheating and heat-related illnesses symptoms include the following:
– Elevated body temperature
– Headaches
– Nausea
– Dizziness
– Weakness
– Fainting
– Muscle cramps
– Seizures
– General confusion

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If you or anyone with you on moving day experiences any of these symptoms; move inside with the air conditioning as soon as possible, drink plenty of water, lie down, and take a cool shower or dab yourself with cold towels. Be sure to wait until body temperatures return to normal and you feel like you can move with ease. To help you on your summer move, contact RC Van Services and let our trained experts expedite the process!

Guide to Moving Out On Your Own for the First Time Checklist in New York, NY; Feelings of Anxiety, Loneliness, Freedom & Confidence After the Move!

Imagine the time has come to move your child out of the house and to their own home. It can be when you are heading off to school or getting married. The scary part is that you are sending someone off to live alone that has never done that before. There is a lot that goes into living all alone and even the most ready people will have some struggle. There are really a few levels and steps that occur when you start your journey in a home or apartment all by yourself. Understanding what they are will help you get along.

RC Van Services Lists the Steps Most People Go Through When The Move Out Alone For the First Time

Moving Anxiety: The first thing that most people go through when they move out on their own is they wonder what they got themselves into. After you have had all the chaos of finding a place to live, packing your home, hiring a mover to relocate you and uploading your belongings there is finally time to settle down. These are the first moments that you walk around your new home or apartment and realize you are all alone! You might wonder what you did but just stick it out.
Unpacking Can Be Done on Your Schedule: The next thing that most people that live alone for the first time is they realize they are free. You can live however you want to and no one can say anything about it. You can choose to unpack one box or all of them; now or later. If you choose to leave the laundry out and your messy dishes in the sink you can. You can walk around in your pajamas all day and the remote is all yours. You also don’t have to worry about someone talking something that belongs to you. If you leave something out you can rest assured that it will still be there.
Loneliness After a Long Distance Move: The next stage that most people will go through is when they start to feel the loneliness. You will start to see that the people that you talked to often and would see often stop showing up so much. This is a really a natural reaction when someone moves to a new state or city. The less you see someone in real life and on a regular basis the less they are affecting your life. That can be by a sheer accident that you stop reaching out. When you move out and away from the city or state you are from you need to seek out ways to get social again. Look for clubs and activities to keep you occupied and give you the chance to meet new people.
Moving & Living in a New City: This is really the last step when you move out alone and it is the one that shows you can do it and you got this. You start to realize that the big move out of state was not that big of a deal and you can handle it. You meet new people and come up with ways to entertain yourself.

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How to Make a Rental a Home & Your Apartment Feel Cozy After Moving to Manhattan, NYC; Unpack Boxes Right Away & More

Whether the new move has you living in a rental house or an apartment, the move itself is overwhelming, but once you get there the plain, bland, boring and stale environment lined with boxes and furniture can have you feeling awkward. Where homeowners can prepare their new abode with painting, flooring, and everything they want more to their liking; the rental units have more restrictions. But we at RC Van Services can offer some tips on how you can make that apartment feel more homey and cozy after we have gotten you moved over the long distance.

How to Make a Rental a Home & Your Apartment Feel Cozy After Moving

1) Unpack Moving Boxes. Though this seems painfully obvious, it is not always an easy task. With getting settled into the new work routine and tightly scheduled routines, the stack of boxes often get neglected for weeks. If you are trying to make the new rental feel like home get your stuff unpacked and put in place as quickly as possible.
2) Listen to Some Music While Unpacking. While you are unpacking, putting on some upbeat music of your favorites will get the blood pumping and energy flowing. Music will reduce stress and give you some familiarity.
3) Unpack the Big Items. Set up all the big things and get them in place; lamps, furniture, and anything on the larger that needs assembly. As the big stuff will need their personal spot, creating a feel of home and letting dictate how the rest of your stuff will be put away.
4) Make Up Your Bed. A bed is the primary place of rest, sanctuary, and safety. Get new bedding or use something with sentimental value and get your bed made up and use it has your zone to go through small boxes of knickknacks.
5) Ready the Bathroom. Get the bathroom setup done. Take your personal items and find the right drawers, cabinets, and countertop space to have your stuff conveniently and neatly organized. Arrange the medicine cabinet and decide how you want the composition of the bathroom to make it more personal.
6) Spacious Needs. Littler spaces like apartments can feel claustrophobic and not at all homey. You need to create some space to feel more comfortable. Open some windows, replace with soft incandescent bulbs to add some natural light and open up your space.
7) Retrieve a Piece of Home. Moving a long distance from friends, family, and the familiar can be a hard and lonely transition. Unpack the things that will give you gives you a piece of home; pictures, posters from early years, hand-me-downs, or even the hamper you have had for years. Anything that can spark fond memories will help make that little place feel more like home.
8) Security Assessment. New and unfamiliar places do not feel safe. Feeling safe is a big part of feeling at home. Check all the doors and windows to ensure they all properly close and efficiently lock tightly. If you find an issue, contact your property manager right away for immediate repairs. Over 30% of documented burglaries that occurred in an apartment complex were because a window or door was not locked or even left open.
9) Throw a Dinner or Party. Whether you have old friends, family members in the area, acquaintances, or even colleagues, being surrounded by friendly conversation, good food, and making new memories can start making the new place feel like home.
10) Relax and Rest. After the busy unpacking, getting acquainted with the surroundings, and other hustle and bustle, you need to put your feet up and relax and enjoy a well deserved good night’s rest.

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