How to Protect Your Vacant Home When Moving in Flushing, NY; Security, Lighting, Hiding Movers Boxes & More

When you are in the process of moving to a new home there are always moments when the house you are leaving or the house you are moving into will be left empty. An empty home is a huge target and needs to be secured. The house that is left empty even for a small amount of time can become a beacon for squatters and vandals. They look for an easy place to set up shop or cause damage. That could easily be the home that you are hoping to sell or the house you are on your way to. That means before you are able to get in the house or sell it you will now have some unseen costs for repairs. You are responsible for the security of the home until it is transferred to the new owner. This can be something that is often overlooked when you are in the depths of moving. There are some great ideas on what you can do to keep the homes secure for the time they are left empty.

RC Van Services Lists Ways You Can Help To Secure Your Home When It Is Left Unattended

Home Security System & Alarm: When you are leaving your home behind or starting new, one of the first things you need to look into is security. You can easily do this by getting some kind of home security system. The great thing is that you can pick from all kinds of types of alarms. There are alarms that use cameras to show what it happening when you are away. You can attach the account to an app that you can login into when you are away and easily see if someone has made their way in your house. They can also alert you of motion when you set it to away. There are others that have access to a security office that will send out a patrol when the alarm is triggered. Lastly the alarm sound is loud enough that many would be burglars will be scared away by. The other thing about an alarm system is that your insurance company will love that and give you a discount on your rates.
Exterior & Timed Lights: When you are looking into securing a home one way is to make it look like someone might still be there. One of the best ways to do that is to add some extra exterior lights to the house. They will light up areas that otherwise would be left dark for days. The lights can be set up to come on during certain times of the day or night or can be set on a sensor to come on with motion. You want to make it seem that someone is still coming and going and turning on lights. Timed interior lights are also a great idea.
Hide Moving Boxes: If your place is empty or filled with stacks of moving boxes, it’s best to keep the curtains and blinds closed!
Have Someone Look In: Having someone that is in the area that can keep an eye on the house and drive by occasionally is a great deterrent. They can let you know if anything looks out of place or if people are loitering nearby.

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