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With over 30 years of experience, RC Van Services has been helping the local commercial businesses and residential homes of Greater New York relocate their contents locally and over long distances. Being fully licensed and insured, our highly trained moving crews have accumulated years of experience to successfully help folks relocate. With the use of exclusive professional grade equipment and products your belongings are carefully packed and moved. With our extensive list of services, we can accommodate all your custom moving needs!

Quality Local & Long Distance Moving, Delivery & Courier Services for Residential & Commercial Customers

RC Van Services menu services includes, but is not limited to the following; local moving, long distance moving, residential moving, commercial moving, office moving, storage, relocation services, packing and crating, loading and unloading, pickup and delivery, and more.
Local Moving Service. Our local moving service is offered to local residential homes and commercial businesses throughout the Greater New York area. Moving can be difficult, whether you are relocating your home or your business the burden can be overwhelming, but with the right help, it can be made simple. RC Van Services has the expertise and experience to get your Greater New York commercial business or residential home make the move with ease.
Long Distance Moving. For those with new opportunities to move out of the Greater New York area, residential homes and commercial businesses alike, need help in methodical and organized matter. Getting efficiently packed and loaded into our specially equipped moving truck can safely get your belongings safely over long distance without headaches or worry.
Residential Moving. Moving your residence, big or small can be a difficult task, especially in today’s fast paced life style. With RC Van Services helping you get packed, loaded, transported locally or over long distances, and unloaded can ease the weight of time off your shoulders. Our experts have been sufficiently trained to help Greater New York residents movd, hassle free. Whether you have a tiny and quaint studio apartment, or a large and extravagant mansion, RC Van Services has you covered when it comes to residential moving services!
Commercial Moving. Commercial businesses can find themselves moving to better locations locally in the Greater New York area, or perhaps your business has been presented with growth to move it over a long distance, no matter the circumstances, RC Van Services can ensure your equipment plant formed for your industry, along with other business paraphernalia is adequately packed, crated and delivered to the new location safely, quickly and efficiently. Call us for commercial moving services!
Office Moving. Offices within the Greater New York area have been known to relocate to more convenient locations. RC Van Services knows the care in packing sensitive documents, delicate equipment, and other such office contents and moved to their new dwelling, quickly with great care.
Storage. When it comes to moving, it doesn’t always transition smoothly. More times than people realize, you have to be out of the old place before you can move into the new, when situations such as this occurs, RC Van Services has excellent storage facilities where your items are well cared for and protected until you are ready to collect your things.
Packing and Crating. With RC Van Services packing and crating services, you can rest easy knowing that our respectful and well trained crew members carefully and respectfully pack, pad and crate your belongings. Delicate electronics, fine art, antique furnishings, and any common or unique items are carefully packaged accordingly.
Load and Unloading Services. Some folks prefer their own packing to help them better organize themselves, but when it comes the labor of loading and unloading a spacious moving truck, having qualified experts complete the task can be more optimal. No matter if we did the packing, or you chose to handle that aspect, RC Van Services can do the loading and unloading for you.

Moving, Delivery & Courier Services in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

With the many services RC Van Services offers, you can have all the help you desire in your moving in the Greater New York are, call us today to get started!

We offer the following moving, courier and delivery services:

– moving
local moving
– long distance moving
residential moving
– commercial moving
– office moving
– storage
– relocation services
– packing and crating
– loading and unloading
– pick up and delivery and more!

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