Express Courier Delivery Service

RC Van Services have a proven track record over the last 30 years to provide a wide range of moving services to our valued customers throughout the Greater New York area. Being reputable, dependable, and implementing a high moral standard, RC Van Services is fully insured and licensed to perform any task on our menu. We take advantage of exclusive professional grade products, materials, supplies. Our trucks have excellent safety features to make your moving as simple and as smooth as possible. Included in our premium services, we offer courier delivery services.

Express Delivery Services

RC Van Services professionals have the experience and expertise to coordinate large or small quantities of parcels and packages, as well as anything else you need delivered safely, quickly, and efficiently. We cater to commercial businesses as well as residential homes for all of your courier needs throughout New Jersey & Manhattan, Brooklyn, Flushing, Queens, and Bronx New York. Having your goods transported and delivered requires care and diligence to ensure a quick and safe delivery, and RC Van Services has that in spades as we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Commercial Courier Delivery Services

Commercial courier service is included on RC Van Services menu. Next to relocating your commercial business to a new location locally or long distance, we also include simple courier and delivery services. Local or long distance delivery can include, but is not limited to the following:
– Delivery for packages on same business day.
– Time sensitive shipments for rush delivery.
– Small box or multiple boxes for rush delivery.
– Scheduled inter office mail delivery regarding time sensitive
– Daily or weekly scheduled for time sensitive deposits.
– Subpoena courier.
– Office deliveries.
– Rush time sensitive pharmaceutical shipments, or pharmaceutical deliveries.
– Computer part shipments on site.
– Office Furniture removal. If you find your office is in need of a remodel, including upgrading furnishings and equipment, RC Van Services can remove the unwanted junk and properly dispose of them.
– Delivering office or business files or supplies to storage facilities.
– Local and distance deliveries of oversized packages, or pallet of products.
– And more.
For your commercial courier needs trust in RC Van Services as so many do throughout New Jersey & Manhattan, Brooklyn, Flushing, Queens, and Bronx New York. We take excellent care of your packages and parcels to ensure they are delivered quickly and sufficiently.

Residential Courier Delivery Services

Residential home courier services are equally important to experts at RC Van Services. Not only can we relocate your home locally or over long distances, but we can make deliveries for you. Some of our courier deliveries include, but is not limited to the below list.
– Local delivery services for home and home office.
– Long distance residential delivery service.
– Pick up courier service to be delivered to your residential home.
– Local or long distance residential furniture moving service.
– Local or long distance furniture delivery to residential home.
– Major spring cleaning disposal of old furniture and household items.
– Delivering household items to college student at dorms.
– Delivering household contents to your storage facility.
– Returning a piece of furniture or other large items purchased back to any retail store.
– Picking up purchased furniture and delivering them to your residential home.
– Retrieval of large second hand items purchased.
Residential homes can expect a high level of customer service and courier services from RC Van Services as we know finding a dependable source is difficult. Being readily available over 30 years proves we have what it takes to be that courier and delivery service you can rely on.

Express Courier Delivery Services in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

Whether you are a commercial business or residential home in need of delivery and courier services, RC Van Services is the best in the business. Be sure to keep our contact information saved in your cell phone for quick and convenient scheduling! Call us for all your moving and courier needs.

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