How Do You Safely Move Heavy & Awkward Objects in Washington Heights, NY? Call a Courier or Delivery Person

When you have a big move on your hands there is a lot that you need to consider and plan for. Beyond the fact that you need to find a new place to live and set up a moving date you need to pack up your entire house. That is one of the worst aspects of moving! Getting boxes and blankets to help get your items safely packed securely so that it can be relocated to your new house. This can be hard to do since it is so time consuming. You have to go room to room and pack up similar items so that you can accurately label the box and have it ready to load onto a moving truck. When you get to some of your items you may think you have no idea on how you would move them without causing damage. There is a list of items that you may need some professional help or at least some tips on moving to your new house. RC Van Services lists hard to move household items and what can go wrong.

How Do I Transport a Piano?

One of the most expensive items that you are going to need to pack and move is your piano. The piano is quite a large object so that in and of itself makes it difficult to move but that is not all. The piano even though it is large is extremely delicate and has many moving and working parts. There are keys, pedals, strings and more that make the piano give off that beautiful sound. The problem is that if it is knocked around too much or left unsecured it can become out of tune or even broken. Having repairs done to a piano can become expensive and it can end up never sounding the same. When you move it and it is only knocked around slightly you may need to call out a piano tuner to get it back in tune. It is best to hire a move that has experience in moving pianos so they can secure it properly.

Can You Move Live Plants?

There are really two main problems when it comes to moving live plants. The first one is that the plant is in a pot that is full of dirt that can end up spilled all over the place. The dirt is needed to secure the roots of the plant. The other is that the plant is alive and it needs to have sufficient oxygen so that it does not wilt and die. Sitting in a truck for days without any air or water can be disastrous.

How Do You Move a Fish Tank?

We are not talking about your standard small fish bowl but a tank that has filters, and an entire system. These can be quite large and that can be difficult to move just in terms of the size but you are also dealing with live fish as well .You don’t want to kill the fish so you need to remove them and place them in a smaller container while emptying out most of the water from the tank when moving.

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