How to Organize & Pack Books for Moving, Shipping or Storage in Queens, NY

When you are ready to move to a new house the time has come to organize and go through all your belongings that you own. You never want to take more than you actually want or will be using. The stress and hard work it takes to pack, load and move to a new house is enough without adding the extra weight of things that you don’t need to have. One area that people tend to overlook but should really be thinned out is the library. Most homes have a library or at least a book shelf that has an array of books. They look great but when they are stacked in a box and need to be lifted are they still that great? A single book is no big deal but when you start loading a shelf of them in a box it may take a team to actually lift it up. That is why there are some great tips that need to be used when packing up your books and your library.

RC Van Services Offers Packing Tips When Moving & Transporting Your Books From One Location to Another

Organize: This is a step that is extremely necessary and should really be done before you are at the packing stage. You want to take some time to go through all the books on your shelf. You can make a few different piles when organizing. One pile are for the books that you know you will need or will actually ready again. The other pile is for a friend of family member that lives nearby that may enjoy the books that you are already done with. Lastly have a pile of books that you can donate to the local library. These might be books for studying a class that you passed, children’s books that are just out of date for your kids’ ages or books that you have read but don’t fit the mold of what your friends and family would want to read. This can decrease your book collection substantially and help when it is time to pack and move.
Packing Materials: The next step that you need to take now that you can see how many books you are going to take is to find the right materials. They actually sell boxes that are made to hold books! This is an investment that will be worth your money in the end. They are sturdy and small enough that someone should be able to pick up the box without too much exertion. If you don’t have book boxes you want to use something that is small so that you don’t overfill it. Then have some good sturdy packing tape and some packing paper.
Packing Books for Moving: Now you need to actually pack the books and seal up the box. There is actually a few different way to put the books in the box, one being laying them flat down. This is a great way to pack them as long as you fit the larger books at the bottom. They should not shift too much and it does not apply too much pressure on the spine of the book. You can also pack them spine side down. This is not the best option but sometimes necessary for specific books to fit in the allotted book box. You can also pack them open side to the edge. That means all the spines are near the middle if the box.

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