Why Choose a Professional Moving Company for a Local Move in Manhattan, NY?

You may think that hiring professional movers is a waste of money, but there are some very good reasons to do it. RC Van Services outlines some of the serious benefits of hiring a professional moving company.

Why Should I Hire Professional Movers?

1. Prevent Injuries when Moving. Moving on your own or enlisting your friends can lead to injuries. You will be responsible, and your homeowner’s insurance may go up if a claim is made. You may also have to deal with filing an insurance claim and if there’s no insurance, you’ll be responsible for the medical costs. All the money you thought you were saving by moving yourself will be gone and probably more.
2. Stop Asking Friends to Help You Move. No matter how close you are with your friends, they may not want to spend their free time helping you move, and if they get hurt, you will be the source of their injuries. This may cause some tension. For example, what if they had shoulder surgery a year ago that cost $10,000, plus they had to take time off work and now they have reinjured themselves, needing more surgery. If you value your friendships, don’t ask them to help you move.
3. Stay Sane During a Move. It can make your crazy searching for boxes, trying to find the best deals on other moving supplies and then trying to pack everything. You’ll also have to load the moving truck, all while dealing with all your day-to-day responsibilities, like you job, family, bills, appointments, etc.
4. Keep a Positive Attitude when Moving. It’s hard enough to say goodbye to everything you’re used to and think about the new. Don’t let the stress of getting all your belongings to their destination and enjoy the trip to your new home. Hiring movers allows you to enjoy the experience rather than dealing with all the chaos that can come with a move.
5. Stay Organized During Move. Think of hiring professional movers as an investment or an insurance policy because you’re not risking injury to family or friends. You can relax in the final days in your old home. It also gives you time to think about how you will decorate and organize your new home. Save your energy and let the movers take care of everything.

Choosing a Mover

The reputation, insurance and bonding of a moving company are important to look at. Local movers are great for short moves, but you will need to do a little more research with long distance moves. Make sure someone comes to your home to make an accurate estimate based on all your belongings. If guesswork is done over the phone you can run into problems with added costs. Make sure you disclose all your belongings, so the mover can reserve the right truck according to weight or load.

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