Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid in the Bronx, NY; When to Start Packing & More

As you are preparing to move there can be so many different things that can go wrong. When you are right in the middle of the chaos thinking of solutions can be so hard. RC Van Services has put together a list of some common problems that come up when you move along with some solutions so that you can just check in here and hopefully fix your problem without too much stress.

How Far in Advance Should People Book Movers?

If you are here reading this blog post you probably will not have this problem but many people find that they did not hire a moving company soon enough. When you wait to hire a moving company the more reputable companies may already be booked. If you have to hire a moving company that is not as reputable you can end up with all sorts of problems! The solution to this one is simple. As soon as you know your moving date you will want to schedule your move. RC Van Services can get your move on our schedule without any problems.

When to Start Packing when Moving

Another frequent problem is that people wait too long to start packing and then they are in a complete rush as they pack. When you are rushed when you pack you will have no organizational strategy. When you go to unpack it will be a complete nightmare. Many times people also find that when they pack like that more of their items end up broken or ruined. There are a few different solutions for this problem. One option is that you can hire a moving company to pack your belongings for you. If this is not an affordable option you will need to plan on packing on your own. As soon as you know that you are moving you can start packing boxes. There are plenty of things that you do not use on a regular basis that you can start putting in boxes. Starting early will help you finish on time.

Pack Things Safely So They Don’t Break

Packing early will help avoid the next problem. If you do not carefully pack your belongings you will end up in your new home with lots of broken items as you start unpacking. Nothing is more frustrating than finally making it to your destination and finding some of your belongings ruined because they were not packed carefully enough. You need to make sure that you pack your belongings with care so that this does not happen to you.

How Does Reserving an Elevator Work?

If you are moving to a large city you may have some restrictions at your new building that will make unpacking hard. In big cities like New York many apartment buildings have limited access to service entrances or elevators. So how do you move your belongings in? You will want to make sure that you contact the building’s management ahead of time and get their policies and restrictions. Once you know their policies you will need to schedule your move around them.

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We hope that reading some of these common moving problems helps you avoid some of them in your next move. When you are ready to move we would love to help you. RC Van Services takes pride in getting our customer’s belongings safely to their new destination.

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