How Are My Belongings Protected When Packed & Moved in Bronx NY? Packing Fragile & Large, Bulky Items for Moving

When you are ready to move from one home to another you need to start the packing. That is only part of the moving process but can really make a major difference if it is done right. When the packing is done haphazardly your items may not even make it to your new home in one piece. Even if you have a good driver that takes the ride easy there are still bumps in the road and turns that can knock your items around. The packing process is a great way to get your items nice and secure and keep them from shifting around and bumping into one another during the short or long trip. Using the right packing materials and packaging supplies to do your packing makes all the difference in the world.

RC Van Services lists the must haves when you are packing up your home and getting it ready for a move.

Blankets Are A Great Way To Cover & Secure Large Items when Moving: Some of the hardest items to get ready for a move are your large pieces such as couches, mirrors, desks and dressers. These items cannot be secured in a typical cardboard box and therefore they are just moved into the truck if they are not expensive, prized possessions that need to be specially crated. Most of these items are made from wood or have wood trimming that can easily be damaged when a box or the side of the truck come into contact with it. They can also be scratched on the way in or out of the truck as well. There are large packing blankets that can be draped over the items and taped into position. The items are now covered and have a small amount of cushion to help to protect it from any damage during the move.
Use Packaging Tape & Packing Boxes: You may think that you want to fill every box to the brim and move it that way. While it is a good idea to not leave empty space in boxes for your belongings to move around, it is easy to make the boxes too heavy. It is easier to move two boxes than it is to move one that is extremely heavy. Be sure to purchase or find enough boxes that you are not overfilling them int terms of weight and be sure that they are secured using the proper amount of tape. You don’t want the bottom to fall out and all your belongings to have damage.
Utilize Bubble Wrap & Packing Paper for Transporting Smaller Fragile Items: When you are packing your boxes up you want to use plenty of bubble wrap and paper to help to cushion each item. The wrapping will help to cover each item and also fill any loose areas in the box to stop all the items from shifting. You can also wrap fragile pieces such as dishes and other glass or porcelain items. Contact RC Van Services for all your Greater Manhattan NYC packing and moving needs!

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