How to Efficiently Pack, Load & Move Large & Fragile Items in Brooklyn, NY; Plant, Fish Tank & Piano Moving

Moving is a difficult process that has a lot of steps that need to be coordinated. There are many parts that need to be in place to have the move go smoothly. You need to have a new place to move to that is ready for you to get in. You need to be ready to pack your old residence and hire a moving company to load and move your belongings. All these things need to work together for the move to go according to plan and not to have too many setbacks. One thing that many people don’t really think about are the items that they need to move and how it will be best to pack them safely for loading. Most of the items that go from one location to another are easy such as clothes, bedding and even kitchen dishes but other items present more of a challenge.

RC Van Services Lists Some of the Most Difficult Items to Pack for Your Move

Piano Moving Advice: If you have a piano in your home it can be a serious item to move. A piano is extremely heavy and quite large which is one of the reasons that it is hard to move from one place to another. A lot of people will actually choose to leave a piano behind rather than try and move the item. Although the item is hard to move because it is so large, there are some very small and intricate parts as well. If the parts are damaged in the move it can lead to a serious repair bill. Piano repairs are not cheap and that means that you want to hire a professional that has experience moving the piano for you. We not only have experience in moving but also loading the piano into a truck and taking it to a new home. When moving a piano you not only run the risk of damaging the piano but you can also damage the doorways and walls.
Move My Fish Tank: A small fish bowl is not hard to move. They can be packed in the car and driven to a new home with not too much difficulty. Now if you are one of the people that have a larger tank with fish, plants and decorations in your home, it can be much more difficult to move. Many times the fish tank is hard to move because it is heavy and the fish can die from the move as well. You can make sure that you remove most of the water and leave just enough in the bottom so that you can keep the bacteria that is needed for the fish. Then place the fish in smaller containers for the move and be ready to put them back in as soon as possible. A good moving company is able to move the tank for you so that it makes it in tact to the new home.
Moving Plants Locally or Across Country: If you have large potted plants or even smaller ones in your house that are live, you may have some trouble moving them to a new home. Most plants are hardy and if you take good care of them can last through a minor move. But if you are moving and going to have the plants in a hot car for days they could die. Not to mention the plants are in dirt which can be really messy if they happen to fall over. If you want the best opportunity to get your plants to a new house safely you need to call a professional mover to get them there.

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