Most Commonly Forgotten Items When Packing for a Move; Helpful Tips to Pack for a Stress Free Moving Experience in Flushing, NY

Prepared or not, moving is an extremely stressful experience. In fact many people admit to feeling either overwhelmed in the middle of the moving process or scared to death about all the possible disaster scenarios and “what ifs” that have the potential to occur. You can take heart in knowing that you are not the only one who feels desperate about a big move. There is absolutely no worse feeling that having to rush to complete your move. When you are in a hurry you leave things behind or just simply forget about them altogether. One of the best ways to avoid complications with your move is to start packing early. As soon as you receive your move date, begin the process of discarding, organizing and packing.

Packing Tips for Moving

The knowledgeable professionals at RC Van Services have provided the answer to a question which plagues many of us during moving “What might I leave behind during the moving process?” While it is true that people rarely forget packed boxes, you can simplify the moving process by keeping some simple items handy to help you stay organized including colored tape or stickers to help keep your boxes organized by room, garbage bags, and stretch wrap to wrap up loose items including shelves or for cleaning out a draw full of random items.

Commonly Forgotten Items When Packing & Moving

According to the experts at RC Van Services, the most commonly forgotten items are those that normally would be packed last including items of clothing, kitchen appliances (think coffee maker & toaster) and toiletry items. Other items such as keys, power cords and smaller items like hanging picture frames and wall clocks are often over looked along with little collectible items on window sills. Other items including family name signs that are hanging by the front door that are so familiar they are often an afterthought. Once the frenzy of packing is complete and the boxes and furniture have been loaded, it is not uncommon to find yourself in the midst of a pile of dust, assorted papers and other items that have accumulated behind couches, loveseats, desks, dressers and under beds. You then realize that you have already packed up your broom, mop and trash bags, if you are super lucky it will be one of the last items that the movers packed and easily retrievable.

The Experts at RC Van Services Offer the Following Packing Advice

Write on the outside of the box which room the box will be going to in your new home. This will eliminate the need to move boxes around at a later time and it will also allow your movers to know where each box is intended to go. A color coded system also works wonders if you want to involve children. Keep a container of extra stickers, packing tape, markers, paper, box cutter and scissors handy to help you organize before the movers arrive and boxes start getting loaded.

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