Moving Company Scammed Me in New York, NY? Avoid Bad Mover Reviews, Last Minute Moves & More

Trusting a home moving company to work in their customer’s best interest should be a given attribute, unfortunately, it is not always so. Moving company scams, unfortunately, are becoming more common and it is important to know what to look for and what to avoid when you are getting ready to move. The moving process to a new home has enough stress and most people trying to move do not want to prolong it more than it has to be. Scammers often find the opportunity with people who do not perform their due diligence and just hire the first moving company they find. We at RC Van Services would like to offer some of the signs to help you spot a scammer for you next move.

Unusually Good Moving Discounts

Starting with a price that is too good to be true, most “moving companies”, with the incredibly low price is probably accurate, but most of the time, there is not an outlined contract of what the price includes, especially one that is signed by the company and customer. Additional fees are charged for the quantity of stuff loaded, if there are stairs, mileage and any other things they can tack on come moving day. Not only do you accrue these chargers, but the movers will keep your possessions locked in the moving van until you pay the bill.

Best Rated Moving Companies

The online consumer reviews about home moving companies is a valuable asset. Should a company not have many reviews, these businesses are probably not interested in being in business for the long-term. Moving companies with nothing but positive reviews should provoke suspicion, particularly since reviews may not always be authentic. Though you want to see as many positive reviews as possible, you should also expect to see a few negative reviews since it is not always possible to please everyone and people are not perfect, even moving professionals.

How Far in Advance Do You Need to Book Movers?

The primary targets of moving scammers are the homeowners who wait until the last minute to book a moving company. When people do not have much time, they are in a rush and just book the first company they find online without doing any research. To make certain you have plenty of options and don’t get caught up in any scams, is to select a reputable moving expert well in advance of your move. Once found, book their services early, the best business and home moving companies will have packed schedules. To give you a cost estimate, whenever possible, have a representative of the company scheduled to come by and give you a cost estimate. To ensure punctuality and how professional they are, the step offers a test run.

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