Professional Moving Trucks VS Rentals in Flushing, NY; Let Us Use Our Equipment, Do the Physical Labor, Pay for Gas & More!

When it comes to moving, people are often struck with the notion of either saving money or hiring professional help. It is a common misconception that people associate the word “professional” with “small fortune”. Where there are industries that may be true, the moving industry is not one of them. With a competitive market comes competitive pricing, and if you do your homework, you will probably be surprised as to how investing in professional assistance in your move is much more beneficial than burdening your inexperienced friends and family.

RC Van Services Discuss Professional Moving Trucks Versus Renting a Moving Truck

Moving Travel Distance: It should be fairly reasonable to expect that long distance moving and local moving have a different amount of expense linked to them. When some folks see the price tag of a professional long distance move especially, they get a little anxious. But really, in most cases, in the end, the professional moving truck is far more cost effective than the rental!
Moving is a Physical Labor!: The heavy items in your home being moved to a new location constitute physical labor. No matter whether it is a long distance or local move; unless you have a handful of fit friends ready to assist you, you can be looking at a tremendous amount of physical labor. In the event you opt to do the job without professional assistance, make sure you take proper precautions when loading, unloading and moving the large, delicate, and expensive items such as furniture, glass, appliances, and electronic equipment.
Appropriate Moving Equipment: Where as the professional moving trucks come equipped with dollies, blankets, and other equipment, along with experienced hands to assists in the work, the rental truck does not. Not only do you have to rent the truck, but you will have to either rent or buy the needed moving equipment. Tools for disassembly and reassembly of excessively large furnishings will also need to be required.
Helping Hand with Loading, Unloading & Moving: When you are moving, there are objects that take two or more people to lift and manipulate onto the truck itself and to the new destination. If no one is available to donate their time, you will need professional assistance. If a budget is the deciding factor, you can cut costs by doing all the pack/unpacking yourself instead of paying the fees for the experts to get it done. If you go this route, be sure start early and pack at a slow pace, starting with the nonessentials first.
Moving Schedule & Arrangements. Let’s face it, moving locally or long distance is a project. There are many overwhelming details that are all a part of a successful and smooth transition. Hiring a professional can take many of those burdens away to give you time to do the rest. However, reputable moving companies are often booked weeks in advice, so if you prefer the professional aid, book your appointment well in advance, 6-8 weeks.

Local & Long Distance Loading, Unloading & Unloading in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

There are many little costs that add up with going with a rental, as well as additional benefits going with a pro, for example; rentals do require fuel on your dime and professional movers are insured to protect your possessions, where rental trucks are not. Ultimately, the decision is really based on what’s important for you and fits your budget. The professionals of RC Van Services can give you an estimate on the cost of your moving to help you decide on what’s best for you. Give us a call to get started!

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