Avoid These DIY Mistakes When Moving to or From Brooklyn, NY; Renting Your Own Moving Truck, Asking Family & Friends, Risking Injury & Thinking Professional Movers Cost More!

When you decide that it is time to move you have to decide what all needs to be done. There is packing, labeling, moving, cleaning and much more. A lot of people think it is not big deal and they can do it themselves. This is where you might be wrong and we have some mistakes that people often make when they decide to move on their own.

RC Van Services lists common mistakes people make when they try and move on their own.

I Can Just Rent A Moving Truck No problem: This is a huge mistake! The problem is that unless you are an experienced mover and you have had some time behind the wheel of a moving truck, you are probably in for a big surprise. Being able to maneuver a large moving truck is one battle that you have to face. Many times you have to find space to park and that may be an area that is hard to get to. You could end up damaging the truck and paying for it out of your own pocket. Another problem with getting your own truck is that you now have to pack it right. If you don’t, you may end up with your belongings damaged and shifted during the drive. This can then lead to a difficult time unloading as well.
I Can Get Friends & Family To Help Move: If you are one of the rare people in the world that actually like to help a friend move then bravo to you. Most people – even if they are your friend or family member, don’t want to spend a day packing, loading and unloading heavy boxes. You may end up with far fewer hands than you thought if you are banking on your friends for help.
I Won’t Get Injured Moving Heavy Items: The last thing you need when you are trying to move and set up a new home is to start off with an injury. Professional movers are trained on the best and safest ways to pick up boxes and furniture and move them without causing injury. If you are just grabbing away at your belongings, you may end up getting an injury and be out of commission completely.
Packing Is Easy: When you need to start actually boxing up your house you may think that this is a task you can’t mess up. Well when you pack a box and don’t use adequate stuffing to protect it you will end up with a box of broken items. The boxes should be clearly labeled and boxed up so that your personal belongings get to your new house unharmed and the contents able to be located quickly.
Professional Movers Cost Too Much: You may be surprised to find out that most movers are quite reasonable and in the end cost less than if you tried to move yourself. After the cost of materials, help and a rental truck you could end up paying much more and exhausting yourself. A professional mover has all the right tools and training to have you moved without a hitch.

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