Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid in Brooklyn, NY; Hire Professional Movers, Don’t Over Pack Boxes & More

RC Van Services has talked with our many customers and many of them have shared similar mistakes when undergoing a move. Through our own experiences, we have noted common mistakes done by our clients during their moves as well. RC Van Services wants to share these common mistakes to help you avoid them if you are planning to move.

Common Local & Long Distance Moving Mistakes

1. Many people will try to save money during a move. Relocating your home and your life to a new location can be very costly. There are indeed places you can save money. However, hiring an uncertified moving company can spell trouble. Someone might have gotten their hand on a moving truck, tried to make a little side money, and claim to be a cheap professional moving company. Many of these movers do not have any kind of insurance. RC Van Services has heard many stories about home goods that have gotten damaged during a move. The uninsured company could not replace it. Professional moving companies carry insurance for this reason. Especially since in long distance moves, mishaps can happen. Don’t be fooled by a cheap price, do your home work and use a credited moving company.
2. Contact your moving company and get a move-in estimate. As stated before, moving is expensive. Make sure you get a full estimate before under going the move. This means knowing how much stuff you have to transport, what size truck you will need, and how many trucks are required. RC Van Services hears the same complaint: we didn’t order the right size truck or trucks. Sometimes they even over estimate the amount and request too big or too much. Do some organizing before contacting a moving service.
3. This goes with organizing your stuff. When you are getting ready to move it is best to go through and remove the items you no longer need or use. Many people over pack and take stuff that never comes out of the box when they enter into their new home. Now you have paid more money for more space that wasn’t needed.
4. Don’t over pack boxes. This causes damage to many breakables, and creates a strain when it comes to moving the boxes. Not just for the movers but also for you. It might seem tedious, but use smaller boxes for heavier stuff and larger boxes for lighter stuff. This will make your move easier on the both of us. Also label each box. You can label by room or content. Either way, this will help you and your mover to know where each box goes without having to ask questions. This will just help make the moving process faster and easier.
5. Packing and scheduling in advance is often overlooked. It’s a much slower process to pack and load your items the day the moving truck shows up. If a move is scheduled, start packing the non-essentials. As the day of the move comes closer, you can start to pack up the rest of your daily used items.

Professional Moving Services in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx NY & Secaucus NJ

RC Van Services comes across these common mistakes often. Be aware of these mistakes so you can avoid making them yourself. This will help you save time and money during a move. If you are getting ready to undergo a move, RC Van Services is ready to help you fast and easy to your fresh new start. Contact us for all your packing and moving needs!

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