Tips to Move a Couch, Dresser & Other Heavy Furniture Items in Bronx, NY; Moving Tasks to Do Yourself to Prepare for Movers

There is a little bit more to preparing to move large and heavy items than most people think. It’s not complicated. It’s just that most of the time this is something we overlook. Whether you’re moving long distances or just relocating homes, you will want to make moving those large, heavy and just plain awkward items a little easier. RC Van Services will share a few tips on preparing for your move and hopefully help make it easier on you.

How to Move a Couch, Dresser or Other Heavy Furniture By Yourself

Obviously, seeking the aid of a moving company will make all the difference. Not only will it make it easier on you but it will be faster. There are a few steps you still will want to take to help coordinate with the moving company and save you some surprises.
1. First call a licensed moving company for a quote. Name the large items you will need help with. Include the size and estimated weight. Make sure you tell them every item for a more accurate quote. We stress “licensed” for many reasons. First, a licensed company carries insurance in the event something gets damaged during the move. Second, there are many scam movers that have a truck but no moving equipment, insurance, or experiences with large fragile items.
2. After you have given the moving company your list of items you will receive your quote. This list doesn’t just help you organize, but it helps the movers as well. They will know what equipment will be necessary. If a large tractor or loader will be used, the equipment will be included in your estimated quote.
3. Prepare accessibility for the movers. If you’re in an apartment building and on the upper floors, reserve an elevator if possible to help the movers avoid caring large heavy items down a flight of stairs. This doesn’t only help the movers but also insures less chance of an accident occurring and causing damage to your items. You will find that will also save you time and if the movers work by the hour it will also save you money.
4. Check the route the movers must take and make sure there is enough room for their truck to park. If you have large items that won’t fit through the door, they many come with special equipment to take items out of the windows if possible. All of this will take room. Try to reserve space for the trucks and equipment if used.
5. Get a visual estimate of the area before moving. You will want to organize the furniture or items before moving and if your movers will help you unload, know what space you will have at your new destination as well as the best way to unload your items. Communicate with the movers so you’re both on the same page. This will make your move more successful and quicker.

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RC Van Services hopes to better help our customers prepare for a move, especially when transporting large items. We know no one wants surprises when moving. If your moving long distances or relocating to a new home and need help moving, call us today and see how we can help make your move fast, easy and stress free.

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