Different Types of Moving Boxes to Make Packing for Your Move Easier in Brooklyn, NY; Small, Medium, Large, Wardrobe & More

Moving is a task that most people are not looking forward to. The new place is usually the reason that people move because they are ready to get in a new home or apartment. The actual process of packing, loading, driving and unpacking are the parts of the move that cause trouble and can be hard work. Many people choose to enlist the help of family and friends but with that comes packing mistakes. This can then lead to things be broken and never making it to your new house. A better option is to hire a professional mover that will come out and pack your belongings. They have the correct type of materials to pack and load your items for a safe move.

RC Van Services Lists the Different Types of Boxes & What You Should Pack in Each One

Small Moving Boxes: This is a box that is typically called a book box. The box is small so that you can pack several books without weighing down the box too much. You never want to load a lot of heavy items such as books in a large box since it is quite heavy to move.
Medium Moving Boxes: This is a great size box that is typically about three cubic feet. The box is a very standard box that is used for general packing. You can move nearly anything in these types of boxes like the kids toys, movies and much more. This box is used most often when packing a standard home.
Large Moving Boxes: This is a bigger style box that you can use for larger items as long as they are not very heavy. You never want to load a large box with heavy items for fear that the box will tear open or someone will be injured trying to lift it. You can easily use this size to pack your bedding such as pillows and blankets.
Wardrobe Moving Boxes: This is a great box to use when you are ready to pack your closet. The great thing is that they are tall so that your items can hang in the box without becoming wrinkled. You can also move them on the hanger since they have a rod that runs across the top of the box. This also makes the packing and unpacking of your closet so much easier because you can lift them right out and into the new closet.
Kitchen Moving Boxes: This is a box that has some design elements to make moving dishes easier and without damaging your glass. The box has some reinforcement and also dividers so that the dishes can be packed in sections to make the move easier.
Mirror & Artwork Moving Boxes: Mirrors are usually expensive and so is artwork. You want the best chance to get your items to your home in one piece. You never want to start off moving into a new home with a broken mirror.

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