Tips for Long Distance Moving Santa Style in Bronx, NY; Stay Organized, Open Presents Not Boxes & Celebrate Christmas During the Move

So you get to make a long distance move during Christmas week. Your job demands it. The kids are none too pleased and are quite reluctant about the move. Bad enough their friends, family and all they know are being left behind, but now they are concerned Santa Claus won’t know where they are. It’s time for the parents to pull out some holiday magic and make the move a little more Christmas themed. Moving during the holidays is tough enough without adding unhappy kids, that is why RC Van Services and Santa Clause has banded together to make your long distance move a little more fun and a little more jolly.
1. Organized moving. Being organized helps. To make your long distance move a success and to ensure it is a Merry Christmas you will want to stay just as organized as possible. A 3-ring binder with pockets, a notebook, a mechanical pencil and pen is optimal. Have in your binder all documentation like school records, heath care information, and important information that you need easy access too. For age appropriate kids, have some crayons and Christmas coloring and workbooks to keep them occupied. Include some fun Christmas apps on their tablets and encourage them to wear festive colors and themed clothing for the road.
2. Spend Christmas opening gifts, not moving boxes. Waiting for kids is agony. The gifts should be packed in a unique box can help you locate the presents fast. They won’t be lost in the moving truck. Finding the coffee pot might be a glorious gift for you, but the kids need a positive and the gifts will help distract them what’s ahead.
3. Celebrate Christmas while moving. Keep the tunes centered on Christmas to keep the car jolly. Watching your favorite holiday movies, with a delicious cup of cocoa for the kids, wine for the adults and some holiday goodies can invite the warmth of the holiday spirit; whether you are camped in a hotel room or crashing in your new home. The emotional support this can create is an incredible help to not just the kids, but to you as well.
4. Don’t forget the milk and cookies for Santa when moving. By tradition, the milk and cookies are mandatory. No matter where you are on the road, indulging on some milk and cookies will remind the kids Santa is on the way, and there is nothing wrong with some tasty comfort food.
5. Don’t forget to spread the cheer. Wishing others a Merry Christmas, earned or not can be a great way to spread the holiday cheer and it is contagious! Don’t be afraid to wish folks around a happy holiday especially those in the service industry and encourage your children to do the same.

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