Does Large and/or Heavy Furniture Need to Be Disassembled to Move in New York City, NY?

When you are ready to take the plunge and move from place to another there is a lot of planning that has to happen. The space inside the moving van or truck should be utilized in the best possible way to make sure that you can get what you need on the truck. The company that you hire to move you will be able to pack and load your things but you still need to make the decisions about what stays and what goes. You also want to make sure that you know what to do with your large furniture pieces. There are some pieces that it is recommended that you take them apart while others should be left intact. RC Van Services offers helpful tips for what to do with your large pieces of furniture.

Do I have to Take Apart My Bed Frame to Move?

One of the pieces of furniture that you will want to take down and take apart is the beds. The beds are usually put together so that there is a frame to keep the box spring and has an attached headboard and a footboard. This will allow you to save space when you are ready to move the bed. The mattress and box spring are already large and when you add the bedframe that is not taken down it can fill a lot of the truck. You can stack the pieces in a much smaller area along the side of the truck saving the rest of the room for your boxes.

How Do You Move a Heavy Table & Chairs?

If you are looking at ways to save space when you pack there are some pieces that you can and should take apart and there are others that are better left alone. Your kitchen table is usually quite sturdy and if it has good structure it is best to leave it put together. The more often you take a table apart and put it back together the less sturdy it will be over time. You can use the table to stack things on when you load the truck. When it comes to chairs you can have them stacked together and wrapped securely so that they can be stacked high and use less space.

How Do You Move a Dresser & Vanity Easily?

Most of the bedrooms also have a dresser or a vanity as well. It is a large piece of furniture that should be looked at. The drawers should be emptied out and then they should be secured with a tie or some tape. If the drawers have a mirror that is attached it needs to be removed so that it does not become damaged during the move. The mirror should be covered and secured so that nothing hits the mirror when the truck is packed.

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