How Do You Protect Antique Furniture, Pictures & Mirrors when Moving in Flatbush, NY?

Are you an antique collector? If you are you have probably spent countless hours collecting all of your pieces. There are many different places that you can get your antique items from. You can hunt out your items at yard sales, antique shops, online antique shops, and more. Many people are lucky enough to get their items handed down to them from their family. When you are moving to a new house you may already be thinking about how you are going to safely move your precious antique items to your new home. So how do you safely move these priceless items? Here at RC Van Services we frequently pack and unpack antique items for our customers. Over the years we have found the best possible methods for making sure that your items get moved without any problems.

How Do You Pack Pictures & Mirrors for Moving?

First let’s talk about artwork, framed prints, and mirrors. You will want to make sure that you use boxes to safely move any of these items. Some people try to move them without boxes and it frequently does not end well. Many collectors keep the boxes that these items originally came to them in. If you do not have boxes finding them can be hard. Telescope boxes are frequently used because they can be joined together to form one long box. Next wrap your items in Glassine. Glassine is a smooth paper that is air, water, and grease resistant. It is better for your antique items than plastic wrap. You can normally purchase Glassine by the roll. Once you have the Glassine on your items you will want to get the bubble wrap out. We recommend using several layers of bubble wrap for the best protection. Many people also choose to put Styrofoam or cardboard corner protectors on all of the corners as well.
When these items are on the moving truck you will want to make sure that you do not lay the box down. It is also helpful if you place these items face to face and back to back when on the truck.

How Do You Protect Antique Furniture when Moving?

For your antique furniture you will want to get bubble wrap, packing tape, moving blankets, crates, and a tool set. If you have large furniture you will want to use your tool set to take the piece apart if possible. Any hutches that you have should be able to come apart. You will want to be extremely careful as you do this. Once your furniture is ready to go you will wrap your items in as much bubble wrap as possible. Then place moving blankets on the items as well. If the items will fit into a wooden crate we also recommend this. After the item is in the crate you need to fill the empty space with more bubble wrap. As you load the items onto the moving truck you will want to have plenty of extra people to help you.

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Here at RC Van Services we know that your antique items are truly priceless and irreplaceable. If you want the extra comfort and assurance that your items will make it there safely we would be happy to help you pack and move these items for you. Call us today!

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