Don’t Make These Packing & Sorting Mistakes During Your Next Move to or from Manhattan, NYC

When you are ready to move to a new house you need to start the packing and sorting process. This is one of the biggest tasks that you are going to need to deal with and can seem like a mountainous project. The work can seem overwhelming and you may not have an idea on where you should even start. There are several mistakes that many people make when they start to get their house packed that can not only make the packing hard but the unpacking even more difficult.

RC Van Services Lists Mistakes to Avoid When Packing Your House For A Move

Packing Without A Plan: If you just grab a box and start to throw a little of everything in it without a plan you may end up with a disaster. You need to go into the move with a plan on what needs to be packed and what should be in each box. When you have a plan you can list what to accomplish by day so that you are on schedule to meet the deadline when the moving truck arrives to load.
Pack Without Labels: This is a major mistake that many people choose to do! In order to save a little time they are willing to throw items in a box and simply label it with a room. That is just not enough indication of the contents and can cause a lot of confusion and stress when you are looking for an item when you make it to the new house. It is always better to have a list for each label to show a more accurate portrayal on what is in the box. This is a great way to save you time when you want to get unpacked.
Under filling and Overfilling Boxes: When you are ready to pack your boxes you want to be prepared to deal with how to pack a box sufficiently. The biggest mistake that people can make is packing the box incorrectly. If the box is filled too far and the sides and tops are bulging out it can be a problem. The issue is that the box is now not able to stack properly and can be dangerous. The under filled boxes are also a problem when you are ready to load the truck. It takes more space away that can be used for other items instead of wasting the space and the items packed inside can rattle around and break because they aren’t secure.
Using Cheap Packing Materials: Some people think that the cheapest boxes and tape are going to be okay. That is a major mistake! If you want to have your items secured in a box need to feel confident that the box is able to withstand the weight. That also includes using a good packing tape to secure the opening of the box. You want to make sure that you get some quality packing supplies to ease the anxiety when your items are loaded and unloaded.

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