Tips on Moving & Relocating Your Commercial Business to a New Location To or From Flushing, NY

Moving can be stressful to anyone. It can especially be a hardship on anyone moving their business to a new place or town. Consider everything the small business owner must do in setting up shop somewhere new. RC Van Services has a few tips that can make those hardships a little easier for those in businesses.

Evaluate Your Business Before Moving to a New Location

When the business owner knows there is an imminent moving date, they should conduct a thorough analysis of their business office. The owner can begin to categorize their items and create a list of what is necessary for the day to day operations. The items not needed each day can be packed and moved first. The day to day office equipment will need to be packed the day of the move to ensure business as usual. Also be sure to let all of your employees know the moving date and give them plenty of notice.

Create a Moving List of Things to Do

It helps to make a “to do” list for multiple stages of moving. Some moving companies will recommend a list for three months, two months, one month, two weeks, and one week before the moving date. Creating stages for your move will help the business owner and employees to not overlook anything. This makes the move easier. Trying to move an entire business at once can become chaotic. This also creates more room for error and misplacement of precious files and equipment.

Hiring Professional Movers

Most small businesses are always trying to save money. Many will try to save money by relocating their business themselves. However regardless of the size of the business, hiring a professional moving company pays off. Most moving companies are licensed and carry insurance. In the event your equipment is damaged, the moving companies will help cover it. Most moving companies are also well staffed and have plenty of hands to help load and unload the truck. For the small business, you often have to get your employees to help and a lot of the time at your expense. Not to mention the cost of renting the truck. In the end, hiring a moving company pays for itself.

How to Pack Efficiently for a Move

Cardboard boxes are cheaper. However movers have found using plastic boxes make the loading much easier and less of a hassle. It’s also recommended you put labels on all the boxes. If you are familiar with the new office space, put on the label what the contents are and where it will be going. This will help with that pesky question during unloading and moving in “where does this go.” As you pack, go through a purge of the office of needless material. If its paper work, or broken furniture, etc. be sure to have it discarded before the move. This will help you determine the amount of moving space required.

Change of Address Letter to Venders & Customers

Within 3 months of the move, contact your venders and providers. Let them know of your future local and if any mailing or shipping addresses need to be changed. At this time make an announcement throughout your office and website of the relocation. Let your customers know how long you will be down and when you will be back up for business. Remember website, flyers and business cards take time. Be sure to have all of it done ahead of time.

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RC Van Services wants to help your business take the right steps in relocating your business. RC Van Services can help move and store your office and business goods, and remove the stress out of your businesses move. Contact us today to learn more!

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