How Do I Move a Large Fish Tank in Queens Village, NY? Hire a Van Delivery Service to Safely Transport Aquarium!

When you prepare for a move you begin looking for a quality moving service, changing your address and ensuring your new home is ready for you to move into. With all the hustle and bustle that moving causes, many of the proud owners of exotic fish may not have thought how to move your fish tank and fish without killing them. Fish are super sensitive even in short distance moves. Travel is traumatic and even life threatening for most fish. So how do you move your fish and fish tank safely? RC Van Services will share how to pack and move your fish tank efficiently and hopefully get your fish back in the tank safely.

How Do You Prepare a Fish Tank for a Move?

Since fish are very sensitive you will want to pack the fish and the tank up last and have the tank moved and set up first. You don’t want to take too long to move and set the tank back up or the fish may not make it. You will want to be fully prepared, so make sure you have all of your tools ready. Have all of your draining tools, your fish net, and a temporary home for your fish. Also have bubble wrap and tape ready to protect the tank during the move. About one to two days before you plan to move the tank, withhold feeding the fish. Fish can live up to 7 days without food so they will be fine. Fish feces contaminates the water and can kill the fish which is why you will want to withhold food.

How Do You Package a Fish Tank for Moving?

Begin draining the tank. When the tank water is just under the half way mark, begin capturing the fish and put them in a bucket or plastic container, depending on the size of the fish and the amount. For salt water fish you may want to do more research on moving them since they are more sensitive. With all of the fish in their temporary home finish draining the tank. There are chemicals you can add to the fish water to help reduce the stress on the fish and ensure their survival. After the tank is drained remove the tank’s rock or sand, as well as d├ęcor and have them and the tank cleaned. If the tank is one that dissembles, break down the tank and wrap each piece in bubble wrap. If not, wrap the entire tank. You may want to consider purchasing a crate to ensure the tank doesn’t break during the move. Make sure to mark it as fragile to aid movers. Have the tank loaded last so it can be the first item unloaded.

Set Up Aquarium Fish Tank After Unloading

When you get to your new home have a place picked out for you fish’s new home and set the tank up right away. The sooner the fish get back in a stable environment, the better. Make sure the tank is clean and begin setting up. Know the proper PH, ammonia and chlorine levels that are needed and adjust the water accordingly. Fish are sensitive to temperature, so make sure you place the fish in a plastic bag and let it float in the water to help the fish slowly adjust to the water in the tank.

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