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Despite their heaviness and sturdiness, fine art and sculptures are still delicate in nature, and susceptible to damage during a move. Special care and attention are required to ensure they reach their destination. Each art piece should have its own unique accommodations for their safe transportation during a move in fact. The small but priceless painting in your collection and moving the large marble sculpture you treasure requires specific packaging needs. To offer you more confidence your priceless artwork will get to your new home safely, having custom preparations can help. In order to keep your sculptures and fine art safe during your next move, we at RC Van Services would like to share some tips and suggestions today. Make certain to address your artwork separately from the rest of your possessions when working with your van delivery or moving company.

How Do You Pack Canvases & Other Paintings for Moving?

Preferable to preserving the integrity and safety of your paintings, engineered from wooden casings that is assembled around the art piece and then disassembled upon arrival, are the custom creates that are perfectly designed to fit around the painting. The custom crate is built of heavy and durable wood to perfectly fit around the painting by using precise dimensions. By crating your fine paintings, you provide instant safeguarding from the changing humidity and other damaging conditions that might be presented on the road ahead as the furniture potentially slides back and forth. Some paintings need to be placed in climate-controlled environments, especially when dealing with irreplaceable artwork in order to not compromise the delicate pigments.

How Do You Transport a Large, Fragile Sculpture?

In a variety of density and weight as well as shapes and sizes, sculptures are unique individually and come. Taking the extra safety precautions is in your better interest, custom, crating is an optimal solution for the most delicate sculptures though they are frequently more resistant to transportation damage. Custom crating solutions can be equipped with foam-padding to offer more security and safety to withstand the long road ahead. The transportation itself is the main concern when it comes to sculptures. Smaller scale sculptures can still prove to be awkward and difficult to manipulate. Predetermined with the mover has the precise dimensions of the sculptures is whether through a doorway or other alternatives. We recommend this method for moving the sculpture, should a sculpture be safely disassembled while applying the appropriate steps and protocol on doing so. To ensure a safe move with larger scale sculptures, you may have to consider utilizing a crane, which are not particularly expensive to rent. In order to prevent unintentional damage and a better grip, make certain that anyone offering assistance with the handling of the sculptures is wearing a pair of high-quality gloves.

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It is important to practice extreme safety caution when you pack and transport your valuable art pieces. The framed art and delicate sculptures require care when manipulating them for a move, no matter if your collection is small or extensive. When you need to move, RC Van Services is readily available to provide expert safety and protections. We go anywhere, 24 hours, no job too big or too small. Call us today and ask for Russell!

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