How Do You Transport Pets & Keep Dogs & Cats Calm when Moving in Flushing, NY? What to Pack & More

Moving to a new home is a stressful experience for everyone involved including your pets but with a little planning you can make the transition a lot easier than you first imagined. For many people, moving with an animal generally means moving with cats and dogs and both species experience relocating to a new home with very different behaviors. Felines for example are much more focused on their immediate surroundings and don’t adapt quite as well to change as canines do. According to the knowledgeable experts at RC Van Services, the most important thing that any pet owner can do before the big move is plan, plan and plan again.

Crate Dogs & Cats Practice During the Day

If your cat’s only exposure to a pet carrier is a trip to the vet, you should leave the carrier out where your kitty can examine it daily. Place your cat’s favorite toy in the carrier and give her plenty of praise each time she goes inside. By setting up a carrier well before the move, your furry feline will get used to sitting inside it and feeling safe. If your cat becomes stressed during the packing stage she will hide in the carrier instead of trying to escape outside. Dogs are much easier to travel with, but if your pooch’s only trip in the car was to get his annual vaccines you will want to get him used to riding around in the car before the big move. A good rule of thumb is to start with short trips. Positive reinforcement will help decrease your pup’s anxiety along with reinforcing the pleasure of a car ride.

What Do You Do with Pets on Moving Day?

On moving day, place your kitties in carriers and confine your pooches to one room in the home or outside in the backyard. If your dog is prone to anxiety, you could ask a friend to watch him while the moving van is being loaded. Once everything is out of the home, retrieve your pets and place them in your car. Your cats should always be confined to a hard-sided carrier with adequate room on each side for proper ventilation. Cover the carrier with a sheet until your pet begins to relax, this works especially well with cats. Dogs should be restrained with a safety harness designed to attach to a seat belt and allow your dog to stand and sit comfortably. A dog that is unrestrained and agitated can easily escape your vehicle next time you pull over at a rest stop.

What to Pack for Pets on Move Day?

The experienced professionals at RC Van Services also recommend packing an extra bag for your pets with favorite foods, toys and a jug of water. If you are traveling with cats, pack a disposable litter box for any overnight stops and unexpected emergencies. It is also a good idea to pack a pet first aid kit and extra towels and wipes in case of accidents. Place some temporary ID tags with your new address and phone number on your pet’s collars just in case you are separated from them. Always keep a current health certificate signed by your vet for interstate travel in your glove box. Many states require a health certificate and if you are pulled over by law enforcement for any reason; the officer has a right to inspect your pet’s health certificate and can issue you a citation if you are not able to produce one.

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