What Should You Not Do when Moving in Bronx, NY; Avoid a Late Move Day, Packing All By Yourself & More

When it is time to move you have probably already made some major decisions. Like where you are moving to and when. The timeline for moving is extremely important for several reasons. One is that you may have sold your house and need to be out by a specific date. You could be renting and need to vacate after the 30 day written notice. Most people don’t have the luxury to take whatever time they want to move. Another important thing to consider is what could go wrong and do what you can to avoid them. Nothing is worse than getting a wrench thrown in the mix when you have a tight schedule to keep. There are some ways to avoid these mistakes and some that you should never even get in the middle of. RC Van Services lists some common moving blunders to help you avoid them.

Not Having Enough Help to Move

There are several levels of moving that all could use a few friends or family members to help. The first step is to declutter and get rid of the things that you know you will not need. The next step is to go through and pack what you know you won’t need before you leave. This can be holiday decorations, out of season clothes and extra tools. This is a great time to ask for a friend to come and set up boxes, label them and move them to a good spot. Then there is the packing that comes at the end just a few days before the move that is more involved and will include just about everything else and taking things down off the walls. It is easier to have someone to help with larger items and loading them on the truck. The last day is always for cleaning so have over a few people and the cleaning will be done in no time at all.

Is it Difficult to Drive a Moving Truck?

If you want to do your own moving you need to rent a truck. There are some very frustrating aspects that come along with using a moving truck yourself. One is that if you are not used to driving the truck it can add time on your travels. One of the worst things about renting a truck is that they are not reliable. You think because you called a month early to make your reservation that you will walk in and it will be there. That is not the case a lot of the time. The trucks are reserved based on an estimated travel plan. All it takes is for the rental company to get one truck back late to push back the entire schedule. This can really delay your move which is bad if you are on a schedule.

Getting a Late Start & Moving in a Hurry

One of the most important ways to get your move done on schedule is to get started early in the day. You can rest later but getting as many daylight hours as possible will help you get more accomplished. Be sure to keep your alarm set and ready to get a jump on the day.

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