How to Make a Rental a Home & Your Apartment Feel Cozy After Moving to Manhattan, NYC; Unpack Boxes Right Away & More

Whether the new move has you living in a rental house or an apartment, the move itself is overwhelming, but once you get there the plain, bland, boring and stale environment lined with boxes and furniture can have you feeling awkward. Where homeowners can prepare their new abode with painting, flooring, and everything they want more to their liking; the rental units have more restrictions. But we at RC Van Services can offer some tips on how you can make that apartment feel more homey and cozy after we have gotten you moved over the long distance.

How to Make a Rental a Home & Your Apartment Feel Cozy After Moving

1) Unpack Moving Boxes. Though this seems painfully obvious, it is not always an easy task. With getting settled into the new work routine and tightly scheduled routines, the stack of boxes often get neglected for weeks. If you are trying to make the new rental feel like home get your stuff unpacked and put in place as quickly as possible.
2) Listen to Some Music While Unpacking. While you are unpacking, putting on some upbeat music of your favorites will get the blood pumping and energy flowing. Music will reduce stress and give you some familiarity.
3) Unpack the Big Items. Set up all the big things and get them in place; lamps, furniture, and anything on the larger that needs assembly. As the big stuff will need their personal spot, creating a feel of home and letting dictate how the rest of your stuff will be put away.
4) Make Up Your Bed. A bed is the primary place of rest, sanctuary, and safety. Get new bedding or use something with sentimental value and get your bed made up and use it has your zone to go through small boxes of knickknacks.
5) Ready the Bathroom. Get the bathroom setup done. Take your personal items and find the right drawers, cabinets, and countertop space to have your stuff conveniently and neatly organized. Arrange the medicine cabinet and decide how you want the composition of the bathroom to make it more personal.
6) Spacious Needs. Littler spaces like apartments can feel claustrophobic and not at all homey. You need to create some space to feel more comfortable. Open some windows, replace with soft incandescent bulbs to add some natural light and open up your space.
7) Retrieve a Piece of Home. Moving a long distance from friends, family, and the familiar can be a hard and lonely transition. Unpack the things that will give you gives you a piece of home; pictures, posters from early years, hand-me-downs, or even the hamper you have had for years. Anything that can spark fond memories will help make that little place feel more like home.
8) Security Assessment. New and unfamiliar places do not feel safe. Feeling safe is a big part of feeling at home. Check all the doors and windows to ensure they all properly close and efficiently lock tightly. If you find an issue, contact your property manager right away for immediate repairs. Over 30% of documented burglaries that occurred in an apartment complex were because a window or door was not locked or even left open.
9) Throw a Dinner or Party. Whether you have old friends, family members in the area, acquaintances, or even colleagues, being surrounded by friendly conversation, good food, and making new memories can start making the new place feel like home.
10) Relax and Rest. After the busy unpacking, getting acquainted with the surroundings, and other hustle and bustle, you need to put your feet up and relax and enjoy a well deserved good night’s rest.

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