Common Long Distance Moving Mistakes in Bronx, NY; Unorganized Moving of Too Many Boxes, Skipping In Home Estimate & More

A long distance move to a faraway place is a new adventure, whether if it is for career, family, or school. But no matter the why’s there are plenty of tasks and responsibilities that can be more stressful than you might suppose, or at the very least overwhelming. But in all the chaos, there are some things that are done spot on, and some where the consequences will be harder to deal with. People are only human and make mistakes, that is why we at RC Van Services has compiled a list of the most common mistakes that are made during a long distance move that can be avoided to make your long distance move experience be done more smoothly and efficient.

Common Long Distance Moving Mistakes

1) Moving too many boxes & other belongings. Transporting your items to a new destination isn’t a one size fits all approach, but the more you have, the more it costs. You definitely want to hang onto your sentimental treasures, the valued possessions, and the stuff you can’t part with, but you will want to downsize your load. Separate the home’s objects into three groups: A) what you are keeping, B) what you are tossing or recycling, and C) what you want to donate and/or sell. A perfect guideline to follow is “If you haven’t used in 12 months, you are not going to.”
2) Unorganized moving. Furniture and bulkier items such as that are better suited to be broken down for the move; and though many consumers see the value in this tactic, many execute it with poor organization skills. Keep track of the hardware, no matter if you have the professionals do it for you, or your tackle the project yourself, the hardware can be misplaced. Many people have reported to losing pieces and parts because they didn’t have a method to the madness. During the disassembly process, label freezer bag(s) with what they go to and how many bags should go to each item. Be sure you keep track of the packed parts.
3) Skipping in the “in-home” moving estimate. The in home estimate is one of the most important steps in a move, and often the most forgotten when comparing moving companies. Different companies have constrictions to consider, however, without the in home estimate you cannot properly plan and project the cost of the move. Special requirements, weight, and size as well as additional factors are all things that are involved with the move to your long distance location. To prevent surprise fees and understand the rules of the freight, be sure to get your in-house estimate for your long distance move.
4) Not considering the size of the home after the move. When you are acquiring a new home, keep in mind that the square footage doesn’t always mean you’re getting more space. Just because your new home have a few hundred extra square footage than your current home does, doesn’t necessarily mean you have adequate space for all of your belongings. The designed layout of the floor plan and square footage of each room matters. For example, you may have more square footage the living room may be shaped in obscure pattern, and the bedrooms are much smaller to compensate. When doing the deciding of what is going and what is not, be sure to also factor in your new home.

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