Local & Long Distance Residential Move Out & Move In Tips in Manhattan NYC; Packing Advice & Hiring a Professional Mover for Assistance!

Moving the contents of your home to a new location can be very cumbersome, even if it is a local move. Trying to perform such a task on your own is overwhelming and stressful despite the excitement of starting the next chapter in your new home. When you are moving your possessions, the job can be a lot smoother if completed in an organized and efficient manner.

RC Van Services share some tips and advice to make your move a little more coordinated and simpler.

1. Pack a room, one at a time. When the moving date is in sight, it can help to begin the transition. Starting to pack the non-essentials can help reduce last minute chaos. Start by rooms not necessarily needed. Perhaps a basement, attic or garage is a good starting point. Pack heavier contents at the bottom of the box, and be sure to fill it up and be organized while doing so. Put similar items in each box, and label the box with what it carries, as well as what room it should be put in. As you go through your belongings, throw away the cluttered things you do not what. Donate goods in decent condition. Continue going through each room in your home packing the things you simply do not need on a daily basis. When hitting the bedrooms leave enough clothes available for two weeks and pack the rest to help reduce the over abundance packing at the last minute. If you have children, pack most of the toys and only leave out enough to keep the kids busy so you do not slip slowly into madness.
2. Use quality packing & moving products. When moving valuables, such as electronics, fine art, antiques and other delicate and pricey treasures. Invest in durable boxes, exceptional adhesive packaging tape and premium bubble wrap. It is okay to utilize the used boxes from your local stores for clothes and light weight items that will not be impacted if fallen through the bottom or dropped. Invest in various size boxing to house appropriate items. Avoid overfilling heavy items into large boxes so they are not too heavy to move.
3. Avoid packing food. Food can be a difficult and messy thing to move. Once you have determined your moving date, avoid buying bulk groceries eight weeks out. Use up your pantry and frozen items, and only by the necessities as needed. The less food you have to move the cleaner your move will be.
4. Wrap glass separately. When packing glass, for example; mirrors, dishes, or knick-knacks, be sure to wrap paper around each item instead of bundling several pieces together. Keep them well protected in bubble wrap and packing paper to minimize the opportunity for damage.
5. Consider a professional mover. Trying to pack your home can be near impossible for those with busy schedules or small children. Investing in a professional to help pack being methodically organized can be a major benefit to not only save you time and sanity, but help put less physical strain on your body.

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RC Van Services professionals have been trained to handle sensitive, fragile and delicate belongings. We appropriately wrap, pack and move to your specifications. We ensure your home is moved in an organized manner; and always smoothly to make your unpacking pleasant as well!Call us today to get started!

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