Long Distance Moving, Packing, Hauling & Relocation Tips, Tricks & Checklist in Flushing NY

When it comes time to move, it can be an overwhelming, yet exciting adventure. Add moving over long distances, it can be earth shattering yet invigorating. One chapter in your book of life is coming to a close, and a new one is just beginning. During this transition, you want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. There are countless ways to accomplish your goal. Making sure you have covered all your bases in preparing your new home is paramount, along with what work is essential and getting your stuff there, even more so.

RC Van Services would like to help you get on track, and share a handful of tips to help make your long distance moving and relocation trip a successful one.

1. Downsize. As you go from room to room, it is important that you consider the expense and aggravation in moving an entire household of belongings. It is time to seriously sort the items out. Have three basic groups; A) Keeping it, B) Donating it, C) Tossing it. There are many donation centers and recycling facilities that can help you reduce waste, but downsize the non-essentials. Follow this general guideline, “if you haven’t used it once in a 12 month period, you are not going to.” Obviously there are some exceptions, family keepsakes, gifts of sentimental value and maybe a few backup needs. But stuff accumulates quickly, and downsizing your haul can help tremendously.
2. Use it up. When you know you are heading out to your journey, you generally know when the big day is several weeks in advance. That’s when it a good idea to cut the shopping down and opt to consume up all the usable things. Food, for starters, can be easy to use up. Avoid replacing spices, herbs, condiments, and just go without until you get to your new home. Consume the pantry and freezer food storage, and donate the unopened food to soup kitchens. Food can often cause a mess in boxes and even in the moving trucks if not packaged correctly. Toiletries are another example of products that can be used up before the move.
3. Organize as you go. Pack what you can in advance to reduce the stressful last minute packing. As you pack, be sure to fill every box to capacity. Ensure all fragile items are properly wrapped and for added safety stuff soft items in between. Label each box as you go as to which room they are attended and a brief listing as to what it is the box.
4. Keep it with you. Although most of the professional movers are prompt and detailed, sometimes hiccups can happen. Have with you a bag for each family member, containing at least a week worth of clothes, personal hygiene products, daily items to get ready for the day, important and sensitive documents and all IDs. Plan for the worst and hope for the best is always a good idea when heading on the road.

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