Moving Myths in Queens, NY; Friday is Best Day to Move, Moving Supplies Don’t Matter, All Movers Are the Same & More

With every aspect in life, myths evolve and some are far more interesting than others. Where collecting these myths can be entertaining, that can also be a hindrance to knowing the truth. That is so with some of the more common myths surrounding the moving industry. Today, we at RC Van Services would like to share a handful of these myths and set the record straight in an effort to help make your next move run as smoothly as possible.

Moving Myths

1) Myth: Friday is the most optimal moving day.
A lot of realtors started this rumor, which somehow was mistaken for facts. Considering everyone has the same idea, especially since the majority of the population has the weekends off to commit to getting settled in on the weekend. Moving company’s book up fast on the weekends in advance and it can be hard to get fit in, especially if you wait until the last hour to book. Additionally, some moving companies will increase rates for the weekend to account for this. Friday it isn’t necessarily the prime day despite that it can be the most convenient in many ways to plan your move.
2) Myth: Specific boxes and moving supplies are not really needed for moving.
Where it might be tempting to visit your local grocery store for decrepit old boxes, find the 5 year old tape that has been abused, use the marker that is practically dried out, or resorting to old catalogs in an attempt to wrap your fragile delicates in, you should resist the urge and decline such suggestions. Investing in appropriately sized boxes that are sturdy and fresh will offer more protection for your treasures during transportation. New packing tape can ensure those boxes are secure and a fresh marker can clearly mark your labels. Wrapping the sensitive belongings in hardy wrapping paper and/or bubble wrap can greatly maximize their survival during transit.
3) Myth: All moving professionals are the same.
There are some moving companies around that sub-employ, meaning they recruit anyone willing to work for the day to help you move. They are untrained and inexperienced making this statement one of the worst myths in the moving industry. Consider professional movers like RC Van Services have trained professionals with years of experience and can make your move successful.
4) Myth: Moving company’s general insurances covers your valuables in the event of a mishap.
Professionals have insurance and it only covers so much of a financial loss pertaining to your valuables. To ensure full coverage, it is recommended that you explore options in obtaining full coverage for your peace of mind and to make certain your valuables are well protected in the event of catastrophe.

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