Tips for Moving Valuable Fine Artwork in Brooklyn, NY; Contact Professional Movers, Crate Paintings, Sculptures & More

When it comes to moving sculptures and fine art, where these items are typically heavy and delicate and any damage sustained during the move will depreciate their value, you want to take the appropriate steps to ensure they get to their destination. Moving artwork is an art in itself as each piece has unique accommodations that need to be met in order for it to be transported safely. For example, moving a large marble sculpture requires entirely different protection and handling in comparison to moving the small but priceless painting in your collection. Considering that, RC Van Services would like expound on moving your fine art and sculptures.

Tips for Moving Valuable Sculptures, Fine Artwork & More

Safely Move Priceless Artwork: When packing the artwork, you will want to address it separately from the rest of your possessions.
Paintings. Crating your painting in a custom wooden case that perfectly fits around the painting and can be disassembled upon arrival is essential to the integrity and safety of your paintings. Constructed from heavy-durable wood, the crate is built around the painting, using its specific dimensions of the piece, allowing adequate protection against sliding furniture, changing humidity and other damaging conditions that might be presented on the road ahead. As not to damage the delicate pigments, some paintings need to be placed in climate-controlled environments as well and when you’re dealing with irreplaceable artwork, investing in specialized, custom transportation frames are strongly encouraged.
Sculptures. Sculptures are even more unique than framed paintings. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and density. They can be resistant to transportation damage in all but the most serious cases by applying crating as an optimal solution for the most delicate sculptures; secured in a foam-padded crate make them ready to withstand the trip. The primary consideration when it comes to sculptures is the transport itself. Sculptures can be awkward and cumbersome to move, even those on a smaller scale. Measure the object carefully and precisely to determine how the fit will be through any doorways or entrances it has to travel through. If the sculpture can be safely disassembled, take the proper steps and protocols to do so. Also in the event the sculpture is not easily moved under the variable circumstances, you may need to rent a crane to move it. Small moving cranes are generally inexpensive to rent and can make a big difference in your move. Ensure you and those handling the sculptures wear a pair of high quality gloves to prevent slipping or unintentional damage.
Consult with a Mover Expert: If you are just starting your collection and have but a few small pieces of framed paintings and/or small sculptures and you feel like you can handle the care, packing, and transporting of your valuables, just always practice extreme safety concerns. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable handling the valuables yourself or the collection consists of multiple pieces, contact a professional moving company with experience in moving paintings and sculptures. Before the move, it is ideal to get your art appraised and insured in case disaster strikes.

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