Short & Long Term Moving & Storage Solutions for Your Packed Boxes & Other Belongings in Bronx, NY

Making a move can seem near impossible with the amount of stuff your home has accumulated throughout the years. During the moving process, one can easily find the need for storage options for a number of circumstances. To accommodate customers, many local moving companies offer storage options with their moving packages. With that in mind, we at RC Van Services would like to shine some light on storage facilities to consider when you are making your move.

Storage Solutions for Your Packed Moving Boxes

RC Van Services for example, offers short term storage solutions. Most storage facilities are designed with the customer in mind, offering a number of services such as allowable access, security, climate control, and more. When selecting your storage facility is be sure you know the guidelines, regulations, hours, and other specifics you may need to know to house specialized items, and all other pertinent information to ensure the facility will meet all of your individual needs.

Short to Long Term Storage Facility Unit Rentals

Moving companies providing top notch storage facilities often spare no expense to protect your personal treasures. With climate-control being an important feature in order to offer more protection for your property from extreme heat and cold temperatures, having that attribute in your storage facility choice can well worth the investment. Moisture, over any length of time is a danger to a number of materials that are used to construct many of your possessions. Typically, these facilities are equipped with moisture prevention to avoid moisture causing damage.

Moving Company Package Deals

Opting to store some or all of your household items can instead save you the grief of the repetitive task of packing or padding furniture and possessions or other awkwardly large items only to unpack them and repack them again for the long distance or local move. Taking advantage of a package deal with your moving company that includes storing what you need can save you aggravation and headache.

Inventory of Packed Boxes & Other Belongings

Keeping track of the items you chose to store can be a challenging task without the help of the moving company and the trained experts in charge will assist you with that hardship. Generally, quite a few companies will collect an inventory of all your items and specific areas that are designated to ensure your specific treasures are easy to get to and well preserved. All the preparations and methods are performed an effort to help you locate your household possessions and make your storage experience a whole lot simpler.

Moving & Storage in Manhattan NYC New York, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx, NY & Secaucus, NJ
RC Van Services offers many services to offer those planning a move. Whether long distance or local, you can store your belongings in our van overnight. Give RC Van Services a call today to learn more about our storage accommodations and moving packages.

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