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The life of an active military family is never settled. It seems that you are getting orders to move from one base to another every three to four years. There are some stations that will extend your orders and keep you there for up to seven years but then off you go. The orders come and you are going to need to get ready to move, again. The move is a way of life for most military families and they know the process and what will happen. Many of the active military families choose to live a simple lifestyle and won’t purchase too much equipment and furniture so that their moves are a bit easier. There used to be only way one to move when the military gave you your assignment. That is what is called a PCS or Permanent Change In Station. That is not the only option anymore and A PPM or Personally Procured Move. It is a great option that many families are realizing is a better bet for them.

RC Van Services Explains What the Differences Between A PCS Move & A PPM When You Are Active Military

What Is A PCS: A PCS or Permanent Change In Station is when the military gives the order to a member to move to a new station. The station can be in a different city, state or even country. The order is handed down and you as the service member will need to work with the government to move your family and belongings. You need to find a new place that you will purchase or rent and have it ready for when you move. Once you have a location to move to you can set up a date and time with the government contracted movers to come out and pack your home. They are offered a rate that the government sees fit and are paid to move you. The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about any payments and arrangements but the cost may be less if you end up taking care of the move yourself.
What Is A PPM Move: This is what is referred to as a Personal Procured Move. It is when the member is given the orders to move to a new station but they choose to hire their own movers. There are some options that you can use when choosing PPM. One option is to pack your house, load it and rent a moving truck. Now you have to drive the large truck and do all the heavy lifting. This is not something that many people want to do when they are already dealing with the stress of moving. The between option is to hire your own moving company. The great thing about this is that you can potentially get a better rate on the move than the government is going to get. Now the government will still pay you a set amount that they determine appropriate for the move. Then you pay your mover that you hired and the extra money is yours to keep. It is a great way to move your military family and to make some money.

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