Transferring Utilities to a New Tenant or Home Owner; How to Set Up Utilities when Moving to a New Apartment or House in Brooklyn, NY

When you move from one home to another there are a lot of things to remember. You need to get a packing plan put together that you can follow easily. You also need to collect moving materials or use the materials that a moving company many times offer. You need to coordinate with your landlord or real estate agent to set a date that you will turn over the keys to the place that you are moving out of. Don’t forget what you need to work with a moving company to come out and load your belongings on a day that works for you. These are all very important things to remember and take care of but what happens when you show up at your new house and the power is not on. You can’t possible move in and start your unpacking process. Now you are set into a panic of who to call and what information they will need to set you up.

RC Van Services Lists Things You Need To Do To Switch Over Your Utilities To Your New Home

Set A Date For Turn On & Turn Off: Once you have a new address that you will be moving to it is a great idea to find out what utility companies you need to call. Figure out your moving schedule and when you expect to be arriving at your new place. Pick a date so that when you arrive everything is on and functioning so you are not left in the dark. Be sure to set up the turn on date with the new companies and the shut off date with the old companies you are moving from. This will make your move go much smoother.
Have All Your Information Ready: Another way to make the utility switch go easy is to have your information ready. You are going to need your personal information like name and billing information. They will also need the address of the location that the utilities will be turned on at. When you start packing it may be a good idea to leave the numbers to the utilities in your essentials box in case there is a problem when you arrive.
Pay Off Your Old Utilities: When you call to make the switch from one place to the next you want to be sure that you settle up with the shut off company. You will most likely have a bill that is owed currently but that will not be all. You need to leave a good address to forward the final bill to after the move out. They will read the meters on the turn off day and calculate the amount that is owed. This is usually called the final bill and should square you up with the company.
Check Your Appliances: Once you have your utilities on and working it is a great idea to do a walk-through. You want to look at any connections to be sure that they are sealed properly so there is not exposed electricity or gas running free in the home.

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