What Supplies Do You Need when Packing & Moving in Jersey City, NJ? Boxes, Tape, Shrink Wrap & More

When you are moving long distance, it can be a big job. You need to take extra precautions to ensure your belongings will be safe on the long journey from point A to point B. The job is nearly impossible without the right moving supplies. RC Van Services is here to share a complete moving supply list that everyone needs when they are moving long distance.

What Kind of Boxes Should I Use for Moving?

The single most important thing you will need when moving is sturdy boxes. You don’t want just any boxes, because they could end up collapsing when several are stacked on top of each other and will damage your things. You will want moving boxes in all shapes and sizes to fit things of all sizes. Specialty boxes can be purchased for things like wardrobes, televisions, mirrors, and more.

Packing Tape is Good for Moving

You will be surprised at how much tape it will take to get all your things boxed up and moved. If you think you have enough tape, you should buy a couple more rolls, because you will end up needing them. Don’t just buy any tape either, you need heavy duty tape that will keep those boxes closed and your belongings safe.

Bubble Wrap & Packing Peanuts

Chances are, you have many fragile things you will be packing. Bubble wrap and packing peanuts will keep your valuables from breaking when jostled on the move. Bubble wrap is handy in packing any artwork or mirrors as well to keep them from breaking on the move.

What Should You Shrink Wrap when Moving

This will be one of the most handy tools for your move. It is great for keeping pieces of furniture together once they are dissembled as well as adding another layer of protection on all surfaces. It is also great for holding the hardware to whatever has been dissembled as well. Don’t pass on the shrink wrap, you will be glad you have it.

Do You Need Furniture Pads to Move?

The last thing you want to find when you get to your new location is a bunch of scratched up furniture. You will be glad you had furniture pads to protect your furniture from any unwanted scratches and dents that happen when items shift on the truck.

Markers to Label Moving Boxes

If you are wanting an organized move, you might consider using color coded markers for different areas of the house. This might help you keep things straight when unloading is happening. Be sure to put a detailed list of all items in the boxes so you know where you put what as you unpack.

Trash Bags to Deal with Garbage

As you pack your belongings, you will more than likely be getting rid of a lot of unwanted stuff at the same time. You will want to have enough trash bags to get rid of it and ready for donation or the trash.

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Moving is a lot of work and can be incredibly stressful. If you have decided to forgo the packing process, RC Van Services complete moving services to get you from the old to the new. We have years of experience and will treat your belongings with care as you trust us to move your life to your new location. Call us today!

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