Heavy & Difficult Items that Movers Can Move Easier than You in Hoboken, NJ; Large Appliances, Big Screen TVs & More

Moving can cause stress, and if you have items that are hard to move, you may spend too much time worrying about them. Use experts from a reputable moving company like RC Van Services to have your items moved the right way. We have the knowledge, technique and experience to handle heavy and hard to move items with ease!

Hard to Move Items You Should Not Attempt Yourself!

Hire Movers to Move a Piano – Pianos can be hard to move and they have small fragile parts inside of them and a grand piano will become even more problematic. Pianos are very heavy and oddly shaped making it hard to get them out of or into a new home. You should always hire professionals to move your piano. They will often times use cranes to hoist the piano through a window. If this isn’t possible, then a piano dolly may be needed.
What is Needed to Move Large Appliances? – Washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators and other large appliances have lots of electronic parts that can be damaged unless they’re properly packed and moved. This is easier said than done as they can be very heavy. Professionals will use the proper equipment to get these items moved in and out such as dollies, lifts, and straps. It’s best to take large pieces of exercise equipment apart before moving. If it’s difficult to take apart, then you will need professional equipment to move it to avoid damaging it.
Moving a Big Fish Tank – This item will cause some issues in the event you need to move it as temperature changes along with water splashing around can be hazardous to your fishes’ health. When aquariums are moved, it’s best to put the fish in a holding container with most of the water drained. It’s a good idea to keep some of the water, as it contains a bacteria colony that will be beneficial to the fish once you set the aquarium up at your new place. Live plants should be put into bags with water from the aquarium and a container that is free of any chemicals will be needed to transport the filter. If possible, use your car to move the aquarium and the fish rather than the moving van.
Movers Will Move Painting & Sculptures – Artwork can be very expensive and may have sentimental value. All frames should be wrapped in bubble wrap and then cardboard pieces should be taped to both sides of the art to protect the glass. Multiple frames can then be placed together into a container or storage box. Sculptures require a box that is one-third larger than the piece being wrapped. After the sculpture has been wrapped in bubble wrap it needs to be packed tightly in a box with stuffing like packing peanuts or newspaper. It should not have any wiggle room.
How to Move a Big Screen TV – Televisions have gotten bigger and heavier and the monitors are easily damaged if they aren’t protected properly. You can either wrap the TV in a blanket or pack it into a box- to use a blanket you simply need to place the blanket on the floor, wrap it and secure the blanket with tape. If you have a plasma TV, it’s very important to always keep the screen facing up as it can damage the TV if it’s placed face down. If you have the original box great, if not, make sure there is no wiggle room inside the box you use.

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Just because items seem impossible to move, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Hiring the right company will ensure your belongings make it from point A to point B safely. Give RC Van Services a call to plan your next move.

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