Best Time to Move to or from Queens, NY; Spring! Cheaper, More Flexible Moving Schedule, Better Weather & More

There are times throughout the year that have pros and cons to being a good time to move. Children are out of school in the summer and that can make it easier because there aren’t any restraints with school schedules. Most moving companies are in a slump during the winter which means you can get a good deal. Tens of millions of people move in North America each year. Many times, you don’t a have a choice as to when you move, but if you do, consider spring. Spring just may the best time to plan and execute your move. Spring moves will allow you to enjoy your new home during the summer months or enjoy a nice vacation getting you back into the normal routine come fall.

Great Reasons to Move in the Spring Time

1. Save money by moving in the spring. Movers aren’t as busy in the winter as there’s less competition. Summer is easier for families because it fits their schedule better. It can mean savings of hundreds of dollars depending on the size of your home and the type of move you’re planning. These savings will continue into spring and springtime is just before summer, leaving you a bigger window of availability.
2. Spring moving means more flexibility. Children are out of school for a few months during the summer making a move easier but you have a little flexibility in the spring too. There’s spring break that lasts for a week. It’s a much smaller window but if you plan ahead of time a move can happen. If you prefer not to deal with a move in the summer, this little hiccup during spring break is worth it to many families, even if it interrupts school for a short time.
3. Moderate weather when moving during spring. Weather is always a big factor to take into consideration when planning a move. Summer moves will be easier than a winter move, but these two seasons can have very different extremes. Summers can be humid and hot and winters can be very cold with icy roads depending on where you live. Spring is a great alternative with no dangerous roads to travel on temperatures that are more comfortable.
4. Spring is a good time to buy and/or sell. Looking at the housing market might be more important than looking at the needs of your family. Spring is a huge time for the national real estate scene according to With warm weather and extra daylight hours, it’s the best time of year for buying and selling. If you want to get the most for your money, spring might just be the best time to strike.

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Moving companies are busier in the summer months and a move will cost more. Other than Easter, there aren’t a lot of major events to work around in the spring. Moves around Easter will go a little smoother than a move around Christmas, for example and moving during the summer might make you feel like you never had a break all year! Regardless of when you decide to move, you’ll need the help of professional movers. We have the experience to get you moved into your new home. Call RC Van Services today!

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