How Do You Load a Moving Truck Effectively in Secaucus, NJ? What Do You Put on First, What is Packed Last & More

RC Van Services offers our customers loading services where we will load all of your packed belongings into the moving truck for you. Some people may think there isn’t much too it but in actual fact, a lot of thoughtful consideration goes into the order we load your items to prevent damage. Today we would like to outlines our thought process of how we load our moving trucks properly to give you confidence that we are handling your items in the best way possible.

How to Prepare to Load Items into Moving Truck

The first tip is preparation. Before we even think about loading anything on to our moving truck, we stack all of the boxes together that are the same or similar size and shape together. This will make stacking inside the truck easier. Many people will try to save money on using whatever boxes they can get a hold of regardless of the shape and size. This however will make loading a more difficult and unpleasant experience. Plastic containers may seem ideal to protect your belongings. Nonetheless, they waste space. We put the boxes together by weight. We put the heaviest weights together, then average weight together, and finally, the light weights.

What Do You Load First in a Moving Truck?

The next step is in knowing what to load in the truck first. Most people will load their boxes first. However you should actually load the heaviest and bulkiest items first. This means furniture and appliances. Pad and strap down the furniture and other larger objects to prevent them from moving and shifting around.

How Do You Stack Boxes in a Moving Truck?

Now it is time to stack the boxes. You will want ideally to stack the boxes as high as you can go. As we load the truck we place the heaviest items on the bottom and slowly stack the medium to light weight boxes on top of them as we go up. This will prevent heavier items from smashing or breaking the other items. We also strap the boxes together to prevent them from shifting and falling during the move.

What is the Last Thing to Pack in Moving Truck?

We save the lighter, odd shaped items for last–items like chairs, luggage, and rugs that don’t fit in boxes. This will help to spread the weight out in the truck which helps the items not to move around and break. Again, we wrap any fragile items that not secured in boxes. We try to fit those oddly shaped items together just like we are playing “Tetris.” We strive to fit everything as tightly together as we can, leaving very little space even at the ceiling of the truck. We are not scared to perform a shake test to see how well we were able to pack everything. Very little shifting should occur. If everything shakes too much, we strap your belongings down some more. After everything is packed away, we put a dead bolt lock on the door. You might be surprised to learn that moving trucks are often broken into and unfortunately, items get stolen.

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RC Van Services knows packing, and especially loading a moving truck takes planning and proper loading techniques to prevent damage that could occur otherwise. We invite you to utilize our experience and loading services to load and unload the moving truck for you. If you’re planning a move and need a good moving company, contact us today.

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