How Do You Pack Glasses & Mugs for Moving in Inwood, NY? Use the Right Packing Materials & More

Mugs and stemware can be considered a collection, and no matter if you intend to move around the corner or across the country, you want to make sure these fragile items get to there destination in one piece, especially if there is any sentimental value attached. Today, we at RC Van Services would like to offer some tips to safely pack stemware and mugs.

Use the Right Packing Supplies

Since the safety of your mugs, wine glasses, and other glassware depends on it, this is one area where you don’t want to skimp. You need to high-quality packing supplies. Instead of large boxes, use small or medium boxes. Though smaller boxes may hold less, they’re lighter, easier to carry, and less likely to be dropped. The type of the box matters. To extra protection for glasses, consider dish barrels, which are double-corrugated cardboard boxes. Picking up some glass cell divider inserts as an added benefit, also cardboard sheets to place in between layers.

Moving Packing Paper

Collect lots of packing paper. Keep in mind, you’ll have to wash all the glassware when you unpack to remove the ink if you use newspaper or catalogs. Bubble wrap is ideal, but it’s bulkier, and more expensive. Grab plenty of packing tape and a marker as well.

Prep the Dish Barrel Box

Securely, the bottom of your dish box needs to be taped several times. Add another line of tape going the other way to create a plus after you tape the seam closed with a few strips of tape. To secure the ends of the tape you used on the bottom, run a line of tape around the whole lower edge of the box. Crumple multiple sheets of packing paper into balls to create a cushion at the bottom of the box.

Pack the Heaviest Glassware First

At the bottom half of the box heavy glasses and mugs should go in first, followed by lighter, more fragile items in the top half of the box if there is room. Lay down multiple sheets of packing paper working on a flat surface. Tucking the paper into the glass’s opening as you go, place a glass on a top corner and start to roll the glass into the packing paper. Crumple another piece of packing paper inside after the glass is fully wrapped. In the box, lay the glass carefully on its side. Laying them in a single layer and inserting crumpled paper between and on top of the glasses as you continue rolling and stuffing glasses. Move to the next layer, continue wrapping, stuffing, padding, and creating layers and be sure to place a cardboard sheet to separate the layers. Keep heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Extra care is required when packing wine glasses and other stemware. Before rolling the glass into another sheet of paper, wrap a separate sheet of paper around the stem. These incredibly fragile glasses go on top.

Seal the Moving Box

Crumple up more paper to create a last layer of padding once you’ve almost reached the top of the box. If you do, add more crumpled paper in the empty spaces, you shouldn’t feel or hear any movement from inside. Seal the box securely and make sure to label box “fragile!”

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