What is the Easiest Way to Pack & Move Large, Heavy Furniture Like a Moving Pro in Upper West Side, NY?

Getting ready for a move? One of the bigger challenges to overcome during a move is the furniture. Large and heavy furniture can often be difficult to move. They have odd shapes and are often heavy. Loading them in and out of a moving truck can become a major nightmare. When you decide to undergo a move there are tricks or tips you can try to help make moving furniture easier. RC Van Services will share a few of these tips and tricks so your move goes much smoother and easier.

Disassemble The Furniture

Many people often find it is hard to get their big and bulky furniture out of their home and into the moving truck. You may think back and wonder how you got it in the home in the first place. Most furniture came to your home in pieces, which is how it will need to leave. Whenever possible, you will want to disassemble your bigger furniture. Not only can you get it out of the door, but it will be much lighter and easier to find space for in the moving truck. When disassembling the furniture don’t forget to note how the furniture came apart and keep track of all of the pieces. Smaller pieces should be put into a bag and labeled so you know what piece goes to which furniture and so they will not get lost. Most people hope not to disassemble the furniture as they do not wish to reassemble it later. This is understandable. However you may find it is much easier to disassemble and reassemble the furniture then it is to get it out of the home and loaded into a moving truck. When it comes to your couches, sofa, love seat, or armchairs, disassembly is limited. However, most furniture has feet that can be unscrewed, which helps provide a bit of wiggle room to get the furniture out of the home and into the moving truck. Make sure to keep the feet in a safe place to screw them back on when you arrive at your new home.

Pay Someone to Help Move Furniture

When it comes to moving furniture, never try to move the furniture yourself. You will always want to work in twos if not more. Not only is the furniture heavy and can be awkward to move yourself, but you might also risk damaging the furniture at the same time. If you are moving yourself make sure to seek help moving the larger furniture. A professional moving service always come with a small crew to ensure there is enough hands to safely move even heavy or big furniture.

Furniture Moving Tools & Equipment

Having the right furniture moving equipment can make all of the difference. Dollies and hand-trucks are vital when moving furniture. Not only do you want the right equipment to move the furniture. make sure to have the furniture protected. Consider getting moving blankets for more delicate pieces. Wood, and glass furniture needs protection during a move. Moving blankets are big enough and provide a nice padding to help protect the furniture during a move.

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