Road Trip Travel Activities & Hacks When Moving Long Distance with Kids to or from Manhattan, NYC

Moving with kids can be stressful. Finding a new home, new school, new neighborhood, the whole logistics of organizing, packing and saying goodbye to friends, neighbors and family can all take a toll on you emotionally. With all these things to take care of, it might slip your mind that you’ll need to keep children entertained for a long trip. If you aren’t prepared, it could be a nightmare! Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, it’s good to have a plan in keeping kids busy. Bored kids can easily become restless and irritating kids.

Moving Road Trip Activities for Kids

1. Activity books. Giving kids things to do will distract them and will help pass the time. Take a little bit of time before the move to make a crafty activity book tailored to your kids. Use a binder or folder and some imagination and add sheets of stickers, coloring book pages, games and puzzles. Have a pencil case with crayons, colored pencils and markers so there are lots of options. This activity book can be used to journal or draw whatever they like.
2. Treasure map. Kids get cranky when traveling for a long time and frequent stops are sometimes necessary. If you can make a list of landmarks or interesting sightings, you’ll be passing along the way it can break the trip down into smaller legs. You can even have a little treat prepared when you get to each stop. You can also make a countdown with each stop getting you closer and closer to your new home.
3. Movies and audio books. If you have a DVD player in your car you can play movies to pass the time. If watching a movie makes your children feel motion sickness, then consider having them listen to an audiobook. The whole family can also listen to a book that can entertain everyone.
4. Play ‘I Spy’ bingo. Play bingo by using restaurants, makes of cars or license plates. You can print these road trip bingo cards from your computer. When children find them, they can use stickers to try and get a line or to fill the whole page. You can have treats or small prizes for the winners.
5. Alphabet game. This is an easy game for kids to play. Take a paper plate with your child’s name in the center of it and write the alphabet around the rim of the plate and cut a slit between each letter. Each time they see an object that starts with one of the letters they can fold that letter down till they’ve found them all and have prizes for the winners.

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Tired and cranky kids strapped into car seats or seatbelts can be a nightmare. Use these activities or come up with your own to help the time pass by more quickly and get you to your destination a little less stressed. Contact RC Van Lines to take care of the packing and moving part to allow you to concentrate on your kids!

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