Tips for Downsizing Your Belongings to Move to a Smaller Home in Flushing, NY; Keep, Store, Donate or Trash!

Moving is not always a fun thing to have to do. Many times people are ready to move to a new home to make room for more people and some people are moving to downsize. When you are ready to downsize to a smaller home whether it is to save money or to make it easier to care for the home you will need to make some major decisions. Going from a house that is large to a much smaller home will require many of your belongings to be given away, packed into storage or donated to make room at the new house. The last thing you want to do is to move with all your things then try and make decisions on what to get rid of there. It will much more cramped and you have now paid to move a lot more items that you are not even going to keep. Make sure that you have downsized what you are moving before you call a moving company and hire them to come and load your belongings!

RC Van Services Lists Ways To Declutter & Downsize Your Belongings When You Are Moving To A Smaller Home

Ask “Will I Use It?”: You want to start going through your home and paying special attention to the items that you have that are not in great shape. If there is something that is used and seen much better days you need to determine if you are going to use it again or if you are ready to part with it.
Ask “What Style Is It?”: Your closet is a great place to make some changes and a great spot to get rid of many items that may not be the style that you wear anymore. You want to go through your clothes and shoes and look at those items that are not in style but you have been hanging onto just in case the 80’s calls. Decide what is in your closet that you know you will not wear anymore and get rid of it.
Ask “Does It Have Sentimental Value?”: You might have quite a few gifts that have been given to you over the years and some of them may not be that important to you. You may not know why some of the items are even being saved so this is a great time to get rid of some things that just have no real meaning to you.
Ask “Is There Room?”: This is a big question that you want to ask yourself as you look from room to room. If you have space in your smaller place for that particular item. It can be a dresser, bed or any other large piece of furniture that may fit fine now but when you move there just isn’t a spot for it. If you are concerned about it fitting make sure you measure and sell or donate the excess that you know you just can’t take.

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